Future God of War Games May Center Around Egyptian or Mayan Myth

Future God of War Games May Center Around Egyptian or Mayan Myth

Dad Kratos is born to be a ramblin' man.

Kratos, the scowling face of the God of War series, hung around ancient Greece for a long time before Sony shipped him off to Nordic territories for his upcoming reboot.

But don't count on seeing Kratos get comfortable in the wild north. After his next game, he might move on to Egypt or the Yucatán Peninsula.

Game Informer's latest issue contains an interview with God of War game director, Cory Barlog. "The Greek games were the Greek era of God of War," Barlog told Game Informer (via Gamespot). "Moving on, the next mythological belief system he interacts with became the Norse era of God of War. But we may end up going on to the Egyptian era and the Mayan era and so on and so forth."

"Hey kid. How do you feel about ... sand?"

In the interview, Barlog also admits God of War was starting to get stale, which is why the new game strips Kratos down to his bear-skin skivvies and builds him back up with a new personality and mythology. "It was getting old. The storyline with Kratos being the hardcore badass—I think people were starting to say, 'What's next?'" Barlog says. "I felt like, in order to reinvent, we really needed to turn a lot of things around."

If Barlog wants to keep the new "Dad Kratos" feeling fresh, moving him around the map will definitely help. Look for God of War later this year on the PlayStation 4.

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