High-Voltage Puzzler Surge Coming to Vita

The PlayStation Mobile puzzler from Velocity dev FuturLab is getting a native Vita version.

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FuturLab likes to keep its products up to date and relevant on the latest tech.

The PlayStation Minis title Velocity became the remarkably good Vita title Velocity Ultra; the company's slightly lesser-known game Coconut Dodge began life as a Flash game, then became a PSP game, then also got the Vita treatment. Today, a PlayStation Blog entry officially announced that the team's PlayStation Mobile puzzle game Surge is getting its own native Vita version, too.

Surge is a color-matching puzzle game in which you have to drag electrical currents between blocks to match and destroy them. In true puzzle game tradition, the pressure is piled on -- literally -- by an ever-advancing pressure gauge at the side of the screen encouraging you to hurry up, though this pressure can be vented by clearing complete rows for huge bonuses. Special blocks allow you to manipulate the play field in a variety of different ways, and the interplay between all the different mechanics makes for a surprisingly complex game that's easy to pick up but tricky to master.

Surge Deluxe, as the new Vita version is called, is a direct response to a surprisingly in-depth discussion of the game over on popular gaming forum NeoGAF, and addresses a few common complaints. Specifically, the new version adds a Combiner block that makes it easier to attain multipliers, a Chain Linker block that lets you connect together differently colored chains, and a color-blind mode. The scoring system has also been reworked to address high-level players' issues with the old version's restrictiveness, and their feedback directly used to inform development of the new edition. Naturally, as a native Vita game, Surge Deluxe will also support PSN trophies and leaderboards.

In terms of additional content, FuturLab has implemented a variety of community-requested features including a puzzle mode, a leaderboard for best clearance score and unlockable backgrounds. Velocity and Killzone composer Joris de Man is also on board for the new game's soundtrack -- you can enjoy a preview here.

Surge Deluxe is set for release in early 2014; in the meantime, you can play the PlayStation Mobile version right now on any PlayStation Certified device, including the Vita.

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