G4 Ominously Teases 2021 Comeback

G4 Ominously Teases 2021 Comeback

Can a video game-focused TV channel work in 2021? We may find out soon enough.

In the age of streaming television, we hear about revivals of individual shows all the time. Some work out, some really don't, and others come and go in relative obscurity. The idea of an entire television network being revived is more rare, and perhaps deserving of a little fanfare. So, here we are: today brings word of a G4 TV revival in 2021, and beyond that, the people behind it are keeping things intentionally mysterious.

First released via IGN as part of Comic-Con@Home, the short video below is G4 announced its comeback to the world. After some slow pans through a warehouse filled with geek sundries and G4 in-jokes, the camera pulls up to reveal a TV playing a game of Pong that's gone on for a very long time. It glitches, we see the G4 logo, a card for 2021, and a new tagline: "We never stopped playing." Pretty creepy if you ask me.

That's not the full extent of today's rollout for the revival, but other concrete details are nowhere to be found at the moment. The once-defunct Twitter accounts for Attack of the Show! and X-Play have both shared the video, various former G4 hosts have made vague tweets in reference to the reveal, and entertainment outlets like Variety got pinged with a jokey press release that contains no substantive information.

Of the former G4 personalities who've tweeted about the news, Attack host Kevin Pereira stands out for making a pretty conspicuous nod to an announcement ahead of the video's stealth drop.

"Something is about to happen," Pereira tweeted earlier today. "I know a lot of things happen, all the time, but this particular something is pretty interesting. Well, it's specifically interesting. I'm VERY interested. You may be as well."

Whatever this resurrection entails, chances are good it'll be pretty different from G4's original decade-plus run on cable and satellite television. Setting aside the questions of whether this could be a real comeback of the network, some kind of digital channel (G4's parent company NBCUniversal just launched Peacock, its newest streaming effort) or something else altogether, G4's got to compete with the thousands of Twitch streamers and YouTube creators who've risen in prominence and popularity in the network's wake.

To put it another way, G4 may have never stopped playing, but neither did the rest of the world. Some familiar faces and nostalgia can go a long way, but once this half-spooky, half-goofy marketing campaign is over, G4 will have to make a pretty compelling pitch for its new incarnation if it hopes to stick around for a while.

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