Gabe Newell Makes Half-Life 3 Joke as he Lends His Voice to a New Dota 2 Announcer Pack

Gabe Newell Makes Half-Life 3 Joke as he Lends His Voice to a New Dota 2 Announcer Pack

The “Gabe Newell Mega-Kills” announcer pack has been released to all Dota 2 Battle Pass owners.

Turns out that the hilarious Gabe Newell Dota 2 announcer skit released on Monday is actually real, with Valve releasing the new voice pack to all Dota 2 Battle pass owners. The video, which debuted at The International 2018 Dota 2 event, sees Newell joke about Half Life 3, Steam summer sales, and pokes fun at his notoriously vague interviewee style.

You can check out the skit below, which sees Valve creator Gabe Newell recording announcer lines for Dota 2. The real highlight is Newell’s inability to say the number three, a clear nod to what must be the most sought after game of all time at this point, Half Life 3.

Many had brushed the video off as a silly, though undoubtedly fun bit of marketing, though it seems that Valve has since followed through and actually released the announcer pack. It’s called the "Gabe Newell Mega-Kills Announcer Pack" and features such gems as “Hello, I’m Gabe Newell, you’ve just achieved first blood, thanks and have fun”, and “please email me at and tell about your rampage”, with each line delivered with just as little enthusiasm as you might expect.

To get your hands on the new announcer pack, simply log-in to Dota 2 and head to the “rewards” section of the Battle Pass menu. You will need a Battle Pass to access it.

The recent Dota 2 event was host to number of new Valve-related announcements, including the reveal that Artifact will be getting a closed beta in October. Artifact is the upcoming strategy card game from Valve, to read more about it, head on over to our Artifact Guide.

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