Game Freak Almost Made a Game for the Virtual Boy and Other Revelations From Today's Pokemon Q&A

Game Freak Almost Made a Game for the Virtual Boy and Other Revelations From Today's Pokemon Q&A

You don't want to know how the Poke-sausage gets made.

The new Pokemon may be only a month away, but there are still plenty of questions left hanging in the air. Some are big, sweeping gameplay changes; others are really just about what that suspicious sausage curry is actually made out of.

Game Informer slung a series of rapid-fire questions at Pokemon Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori and producer Junichi Masuda as part of its ongoing November cover story coverage. We may not know everything just yet, but at least we can get a greater understanding of the Galar region, as well as some neat insights into the history of Game Freak.

Some of the most pressing questions have already been answered, like the new Exp. Share system and the continued absence of HMs since Sun and Moon. It's still "no comment" on whether the full Pokedex could come to future versions of Sword and Shield, but there is some interesting info to be had about the world.

Dynamaxing, the method Pokemon use to grow to massive size in the Galar region, is actually just a visual projection. The Pokemon is still in there, Ohmori says, though it's unclear exactly where or how. Designing the new models, both for Dyna- and Gigantamaxing seems like it was hard work though; Ohmori rates Sword and Shield a nine, on a 1-10 scale, in terms of how difficult it was to develop these console Pokemon games.

Masuda also shared some interesting tidbits about the history of Game Freak. At one point, GI interviewer Ben Hanson asks if Game Freak ever considered working on a game for the Virtual Boy. Surprisingly, Masuda says the studio thought about it, and that it would have been a new IP, but it never came to fruition.

"Yeah, by the time we were really getting around to it, the system was on the way out," Masuda says. "I mean I really liked it, personally."

Masuda says Nintendo has never asked if Game Freak would make a console RPG in the past, and also shoots down a return of the Game Freak magazine. Which is a shame, because the art for Game Freak issues was extremely rad.

On the subject of the curry, which has appeared in various trailers for Sword and Shield, Hanson asked what exactly the meat is in the curry. The answer is a little unsettling?

Game Informer: Is the meat in that curry, is that all artificial?

Shigeru Ohmori: I don't know what it is...

GI: They can just call anything sausage in the Pokemon world?

SO: It's a "Pokemon World Sausage."

I now have more questions than answers. Whatever ends up being in the creepy Poke-sausage, keep up to date with our guide to Sword and Shield leading up to their release date of November 15 for the Nintendo Switch.

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