Games Done Quick Is Putting on a Coronavirus Relief Marathon Next Month

Games Done Quick Is Putting on a Coronavirus Relief Marathon Next Month

The premiere speedrunning fundraiser is also delaying its annual summer event.

For those struggling to adjust to work from home or general self-isolation due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, watching people play video games (or even just having a stream on in the background) might be a better comfort than just playing them. On April 17 through 19, Games Done Quick will be around to help with an online-only speedrunning marathon to raise money for coronavirus relief.

Corona Relief Done Quick, or CRDQ, will funnel 100 percent of all donations to the organization Direct Relief, which focuses on providing aid in response to health emergencies and extreme poverty. While Direct Relief is already engaged in efforts to get protective gear to medical professionals in need, the organization is also putting a spotlight on the particular threats posed to at-risk populations, like the homeless.

CRDQ will be a shorter event and won't be held at an event space, but it'll surely serve up the same kind of mind boggling speedruns (and occasional runner pranking) that Games Done Quick events have entertained us with for years. Submissions for runs are open from now until April 2.

Games Done Quick is also announcing that 2020's Summer Games Done Quick event is being postponed due to the outbreak. The event has been moved to August 16 through 23 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Speedrun submissions for the rescheduled event will reopen on April 26, with attendee registration taking place between June 7 and July 20.

In January, the 10th anniversary Awesome Games Done Quick event set a new fundraising record for the organization. Over the course of a 7-day marathon, AGDQ 2020 donors gave over $3.13 million dollars to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

If CRDQ keeps a similar pace over its three days in April, then Games Done Quick could easily raise over $1 million for coronavirus relief. On top of supporting frontline efforts to treat patients and reduce the virus' spread, the other kinds of work Direct Relief supports could prove vital in the months to come. With the pandemic forcing many businesses to close at least on a temporary basis, addressing food and housing security in the wake of mass layoffs and reduced employment opportunities will be a huge undertaking moving forward. There's no way to speed through that work, but the money raised by Games Done Quick will go a long way to help get things done humanely.

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