Gawrsh, There's a New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer out, and It Features a Hercules World

Plus at D23 Expo on July 15, a new world and another new trailer will be released.

Update: Now with English subtitled trailer!

It's been four years since Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced at E3, dovetailed by the announcement of Final Fantasy Versus XIII becoming XV. Final Fantasy XV has since released, with Kingdom Hearts 3 left to weather the sands of time.

And befitting that anniversary, we at last have a new trailer. The trailer was unveiled tonight at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra, which was, fittingly, performing tonight in Los Angeles (right in time for E3 season). Director Tetsuya Nomura, according to attendees on Twitter, was on the scene to introduce the new trailer.

The trailer, now released through Square Enix, has been released in Japanese with English subtitles. The trailer features familiar sights: Sora, for one, as well as Goofy, Donald, Xemnas, Hades, and more. The trailer sees Sora bouncing through Heartless and Nobodies, the typical enemies of the series. He even goes toe to toe with the giant Rock Titan from Hercules, showcasing some wall grinding in the process.

I'll be honest—I didn't anticipate a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer coming now, and another one apparently also coming so soon. I still have my bets on Kingdom Hearts 3 for 2020, but maybe the notoriously in-development-forever game will see an earlier release after all. Hopefully, before the Playstation 4 phases out of production. I guess we might learn more at D23 Expo next month, when on July 15 a new world and new trailer are unveiled. (Please don't be a Star Wars world, but it's totally going to be a Star Wars world isn't it?)

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