Gearbox Reveals Its First PS5 Console Exclusive—A Next-Gen "Looter Slasher" Called Godfall

Gearbox Reveals Its First PS5 Console Exclusive—A Next-Gen "Looter Slasher" Called Godfall

Not to be confused with GreedFall or Godspell.

The next generation of consoles is still a year away, but we're starting to see the first real glimpses of it right now. Godfall is a self-described "looter-slasher" headed to PlayStation 5 and PC, developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. And while I'm still not sure what a looter-slasher is, it sure looks pretty.

The short cinematic shown at The Game Awards 2019 tonight shows a few characters in some neo-fantasy armor, with lots of glowing lights and reflective plating that really shows off lighting tech. A storm brews in the distance as each one says something more ominous than the last.

Godfall is described, via press release, as a "fresh take on action RPGs by rewarding skill-based offensive gameplay and making every hit matter," says Keith Lee, creative director on Godfall. It will be a third-person melee combat game that sounds like an action RPG, with a focus on hunting for loot and armor sets as you tear through hordes of enemies. You can play solo or in teams of up to three players, and Lee says Counterplay is planning to provide "plenty of loot" for players to provide for different playstyles.

It sounds like a next-gen Diablo with a little more Destiny slant to it, but the graphics are pretty impressive. Slated for late 2020, Godfall might be one of the first games hitting the next generation, at least for PlayStation owners. Godfall will also come to PC via Epic Games Store. It may seem a ways off, but tonight we did get our first glimpse of what the next generation's first slate of games will look like.

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