Gears Tactics is Taking a Turn At Fighting the Locust Horde Next April

Gears Tactics is Taking a Turn At Fighting the Locust Horde Next April

Don't worry, there are still chainsaws on the Lancers.

Gears Tactics has been in the works for a couple years now, but it looks like the turn-based strategic action will be coming soon. It was announced at The Game Awards 2019 that Gears Tactics will launch April 28, 2020 for Xbox One and PC.

In what looks like an XCOM-style take on the Gears universe, you command a team of soldiers against the Locust horde, completing objectives and moving from cover to cover. There are tons of cosmetics to unlock, but what was surprising was the advertisement of a campaign with over 40 hours of content. This is looking like more than a simple tie-in, but a fully fledged spin-off.

While Gears of War has been making some strides to go in different directions with its mainline series for a while, it's interesting to see this kind of take on it. Even though it's been quietly locked away in development for a while, this first glimpse is pretty promising.

You won't have to wait long, either, as Gears Tactics arrives just four months into 2020. It'll be part of Xbox Games Pass for both Xbox One and PC, and if you're not big on the Microsoft ecosystem, it'll also be on Steam.

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