Geodude Evolved into the Mascot of Japan’s Iwate Prefecture

Geodude Evolved into the Mascot of Japan’s Iwate Prefecture

Geodude might get massacred by Grass-types in Pokemon battles, but he's a real swell mascot.

First-time visitors to Japan can be forgiven for thinking the country's commerce and government are run by mascots. Everywhere you look, brands and services are represented by adorable rodents, birds, and inanimate objects that've inexplicably grown legs and walk around. Even locations sometimes get mascots: Japan's northeastern Iwate Prefecture recently assigned Pokemon's Geodude as its tourism ambassador.

As SiliconEra points out, there's a reason behind Geodude's selection as the prefecture's mascot beyond "Geodude is cool" (which he is, though Rhydon is arguably the coolest Ground-Rock/Rock-Ground type). The kanji for the Iwate Prefecture spells out "rock hand," and since Geodude is a rock with big ol' hands, well, that's all she wrote.

"Geodude is real, and strong, and my friend." - Former U.S. President Barack Obama | via SiliconEra

The mascot costume for Geodude even has a clever adaptation to make up for the fact the Pokemon hovers off the ground, whereas the human wearing the costume cannot. The mascot's legs are checkered white and grey like a "transparent" image in Photoshop. Brilliant!

Oh, and don't forget to memorize the new song written for Geodude's arrival in Iwate. ("Wait, he has a song?") Of course he does. We're talking about Japan and mascots. Do you think this is a game? Haven't I made it clear how serious this is?

Good luck, Geodude! I bet a Rock-Ground type like yourself will be happy as a Clamperl in the Iwate Prefecture's wet, chilly climate. As for the rest of us, the warmer, drier weather of spring is a great time to get out there and represent Valor, Mystic, or Instinct. Read our Pokemon Go guides for all kinds of tips and hints.

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