Get (Snake's) Revenge with USstreamer [Update: Now Archived]

Get (Snake's) Revenge with USstreamer [Update: Now Archived]

Metal Gear without Hideo Kojima? Can that possibly work? Find out with yesterday's stream of the original Kojima-free Metal Gear sequel!

Kept you waiting, huh? Yeah, it's been a while since I've done a stream, but I'm back with... another not-so-classic retro game.

Konami's Snake's Revenge celebrates its 25th birthday this month, and look: We're the only ones who bothered to show up at the party. And really, we were just here for the cake. The cake turned out to be a beef stew MRE. It's really just a disappointment all around.

But, look: Snake's Revenge may not have been a great game, but it's a remarkable one. It's not only the first-ever Metal Gear sequel (predating the actual Metal Gear 2), it's also the first-ever Metal Gear game in which series overlord Hideo Kojima had no involvement. That's pretty relevant, considering all those weird rumors that he's been kicked out of the company and that The Phantom Pain will be his last Metal Gear project. Konami, of course, intends to keep the franchise chugging along... which raises the question: Can a Metal Gear game without Kojima be any good? Well....

It's been a long, long time since I played anything of Snake's Revenge beyond the opening jungle sequence, so we're going to experience this one together. I do recall very clearly it's not nearly as well-designed a game as the original Metal Gear or its legit sequels, so I suspect we're going to see the game over screen together a lot as well.

Watch the stream here on USgamer or on our Twitch channel this afternoon at 4 p.m. Eastern, aka 1 p.m. Pacific!

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