Ghost of Tsushima: All Bamboo Strike Locations

Ghost of Tsushima: All Bamboo Strike Locations

Jin can increase his maximum resolve by slicing through multiple stalks of bamboo in a single strike. We'll show you where to find all these challenges and how to beat them.

Resolve is a large part of surviving in Ghost of Tsushima, a special meter that allows you to heal and activate special powerful abilities. We'll explain where to find all the bamboo strikes challenges, special minigames that'll increase your resolve and allow you to be more dangerous than ever.

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All Bamboo Strike Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

To find all the Bamboo Strike Challenges you'll need to cross the whole island, as these challenges are found in many places and often in the wilderness. They're marked by white flapping banners, so if you see those, there'll be a challenge right next to it. It won't be of much help if you're not close though, so we've also laid out all the Bamboo Strike Challenges you can find across Ghost of Tsushima below. Once you're in the vicinity, you can use the Golden Birds to hone in on their exact position and reap the benefits.

Izuhara Bamboo Strike Locations

  • Hiyoshi Springs Bamboo Strike: At Hiyoshi Springs, head to the cliff to the left of the main sauna building where a man will wave you down to complement your Katana.
  • Ariake Bamboo Strike: Head South from Golden Temple, just South-West across the river from Houren's Pasture. The Bamboo Strike is to the East side of the tavern building.
  • Komatsu Bamboo Strike: From Komatsu forge, head a few hundred meters to the South-West, just West of where you can donate Sashimono Banners.
  • Tsutsu Bamboo Strike: At the Rustling Bend section of the River, just above where name is displayed on the map.
  • Kashine Bamboo Strike: South-East of Komoda Town and West of Wanderer's Past, at the top of the mountain and right next to the White Dye Merchant.
  • Komoda Bamboo Strike: In Komoda Town itself, in the South-East section of the town in an enclosed yard.
  • Azamo Bamboo Strike: On the East side of Azamo Bay town, on the right side of the main house. Can only be accessed after liberating Azamo Bay as part of a sidequest that unlocks after freeing Yuna's brother Taka.

Toyotama Bamboo Strike Locations

  • Otsuna Bamboo Strike: On the Sakai Estate where you claim your father's armor, just West of the House and North of Omi Village.
  • Akashima Bamboo Strike: Northeast of the Old Togo Rice Fields, on the path up to the lighthouse.
  • Yarikawa Bamboo Strike: West of Yarikawa Stronghold by about fifty meters, just past the leader's house at the back. You'll need to complete the "Ghost of Yarikawa" mission first.
  • Umugi Bamboo Strike: West-by-Northwest of Umugi Cove, on a flat section of ground close to the beach.
  • Kubara Bamboo Strike: In the far South-East of the Serene Forest, and North-by-Northeast of Lord Shimura's Camp. It's next to a watchtower on a raised stone hill overlooking the area.
  • Kushi Bamboo Strike: Also next to a watchtower on a Hill, this one is halfway up the face, Northeast of Benkei's Falls and Southeast of Little Monk's Pond.

Kamiagata Bamboo Strike Locations

  • Kin Bamboo Strike: North of Kin Sanctuary, on the West side of the little island that also holds the Pillar of Honor.
  • Sago Bamboo Strike: On a Hill next to a watchtower roughly 350 meters East of Sago Forest, and to the Southeast of Sago Mill.
  • Endless Forest Bamboo Strike: On the East Coast, Southeast of Iwai Village at the base of the Kin Lighthouse.
These little bamboo stands allow you to increase your resolve. Look for them and the white banners next that mark them. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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How to Beat Bamboo Strike Challenges

Once you find a bamboo strike challenge, interact with it by pressing R2. You'll then have to beat three sequences where you rapidly input random buttons - first three, then five, then seven. Once you complete the third one, you'll either get an increased resolve or fill a bar some way to increasing it further.

Don't worry if you fail the challenge, by the way - there's no penalty beyond restarting the most recent step, and even though they can be fiddly, trying it enough times should help drill the patterns into muscle memory. Just remember to think ahead one button press so you're never caught out.

You'll need to be fast to hammer in all seven button prompts and slice through the bamboo in one go. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Reward for Completing All Bamboo Strike Challenges

Once you complete all of them, you'll have increased your max resolve by four, a substantial amount, and you'll also be given the "Sacred Mountain Messenger" mask. It has no mechanical or gameplay effect, but will make you look like a monkey, which is always fun.

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