Ghost of Tsushima: All Dye Merchant Locations

Ghost of Tsushima: All Dye Merchant Locations

We show you where to find the white and black dye merchants so you can recolor your armor.

As you ride around in Ghost of Tsushima, you'll discover new armor and clothing dyes that you can use to recolour your outfits. However, some are rarer than others, and we'll give you all the dye merchant locations so you can find the rare black and white dyes here.

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All Dye Merchant Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

You can find dye merchants in Ghost of Tsushima in both Izuhara in Toyotama, the first and second regions of the game, though there's none to be found in Kamiagata. We've laid out their exact locations below, as well as what you can buy from them. If you see armor mentioned below that you haven't unlocked yet, you can find out where to get all armor at our handy guide here!

Black Dye Merchant Location

The black dye merchant, arguably the more popular of the two, can be found in Toyotama, just to the East of Kawamata Village and North-by-Northwest of Yarikawa Stronghold. He lives in a cave and sells a variety of black dyes, though not for every outfit and weapon. We've laid out his full inventory below, and if you haven't worked out how to get to Toyotama yet, we've explained what you need to do here.

The location of the Black Dye Merchant. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony
Armor/WeaponDye NameCost (Flowers)
Half BowPiercing Shadows5
Tadayori's ArmorHunter At Dusk10
Traveller's AttireJourney Into Night10
Sakai Clan ArmorLord of Night10
Gosaku's ArmorUnwavering Mountain10
Ghost ArmorShadow of Justice10
Kensei ArmorDark Promise10

White Dye Merchant Location

The white dye merchant is back in Izuhara, the starting region, to the West of Wanderer's Pass and some way South-East of Komoda Town, high on a hill overlooking a region (there'll be a lot of white banners to mark it out). This merchant also sells weapon and clothing dyes, as well as a white headband for a slightly higher price.

The location of the White Dye Merchant. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony
Armor/WeaponDye NameCost (Flowers)
LongbowNine-Tailed Fox5
Traveller's AttireGraceful Pathfinder10
Ronin AttireMoonlight Slayer10
Kensei ArmorPure Reckoning10
Gosaku's ArmorIsland Bulwark10
Pure Intent Headband(None, it's an actual headband)20

Kamiagata Dye Merchant

Considering there's dye merchants in the other two regions, it's tempting to think that there should be one in Kamiagata, especially once you realise that Sago Mill is a village dedicated to producing blue dyes. However, Sago Mill is a destroyed area that functions as part of a quest, and to our knowledge there is no special dye merchant in all of Kamiagata, ignoring the standard merchants who can be found at areas like Jogaku Temple.

Dye Merchants deal purely in cosmetics, and only accept flowers as payment. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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How to Unlock Dye Merchants

Once you've found a dye merchant, there's actually no need to unlock them, as they will sell to you from the beginning without issue. However, they will only accept flowers as currency, so make sure to pick any up if you see them.

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