Ghost of Tsushima: All Hot Springs Locations

Ghost of Tsushima: All Hot Springs Locations

The hot springs of Tsushima can soothe skin, relax muscles, and increase your max health to boot. Here's where to find them all.

To give yourself the best chance of surviving in Ghost of Tsushima, you'll want to increase your maximum health to survive as many failed parries and arrows to the back as possible. In this guide we'll show you where to find all the hot springs that'll increase your max health.

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All Hot Springs Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

To find all the hot springs in Ghost of Tsushima you'll need to unlock the whole map, as there are 18 spread across the island. Unfortunately there isn't much rhyme or reason to their placement - some are in towns, some are in the wilderness - we've laid out their locations below, divided by region.

All Izuhara Hot Springs Locations

  • Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring: In the Town of Hiyoshi Springs, one of the earliest areas you'll encounter. Talk to the woman on the raised cliff overlooking the hot springs around the main bathhouse. There’ll be an interaction icon above her head to mark her out.
  • Carved Mountain Hot Spring: West of the Golden Temple, across the river and north-east of Shigenori’s Peak.
  • Quiet Basin Hot Spring: On the Tutsu/Komatsu border, South of Azure Pond.
  • Rising Trees Hot Spring: North-West Azamo, just North of Archer's Rise.
  • Firefly Hill Hot Spring: On the Komoda/Hiyoshi Border, halfway between Old Woodsman's Canopy and Kaneda Inlet.
  • Castle Lookout Hot Spring: Directly North of Hiyoshi Springs, and East of Fort Nakayama.
  • Golden Leaf Hot Spring: Directly East of Golden Temple, not very fair. There'll be a small rock mountain, the Spring is on the opposite side.
  • Mountain View Hot Spring: South of Golden Temple and just North of Winding Trail.
  • Seaside Hot Spring: At the very bottom of Tsutsu. It's right behind the Inn to the West of River Child's Wetlands. If the mission "The Healer's Touch" is still on your map, it'll be just South of that.

All Toyotama Hot Springs Locations

  • Morning Glory Hot Spring: A couple of hundred meters North-East of the Yarikawa Stronghold, on the East coast.
  • Bamboo Forest Hot Spring: Southeast of Old Toyotama Hills, less than a hundred meters East from the nearby Pillar of Honor.
  • Maple Shade Hot Spring: South of Shimura Cemetary and East of the Serene Forest.
  • Yoshinaka Hot Spring: Directly North of Ichi's Inn and West of the Mamushi Farmstead. It's surrounded by trees, so may be a little harder to spot.
  • Mossy Rest Hot Spring: Just South-East of Umugi Cove, in the South-West area of Toyotama.
  • Marsh Tide Hot Spring: Directly East of Hakutaku Forest.

All Kamiagata Hot Springs Locations

  • Morimae Hot Spring: On the East Coast. If you've found Morimae village, it’s directly East from there. If not, go to the location of Iwai Village, pass it to the coastline and head North, going past the peninsula, for about 500 meters.
  • White Mist Hot Spring: On the path that curves by the South coastline, South-by-Southwest of Kin Village.
  • Jito’s Foothills Hot Spring: Directly at Jito’s Foothills, just beneath the name on the map.
Hot Springs increase your max health. Finding all of them will also give you some... interesting rewards. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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How to Use Hot Springs

Once you’re at any hot springs, they’ll be some kind of contextual icon above a person, item or bench to trigger the cutscene where Jin relaxes in the spring. It's not always obvious, but circle around the spring and there should be some indicator of what to interact with.

Reflecting in the Hot Spring Explained

Once you're in the Spring, you'll be given two choices of what Jin should reflect on, usually people or events close to him. As far as we know, the decision doesn't really matter - it only prompts a few lines of dialogue that add a little flavour and elaborate on Jin's opinions of these things.

Reflecting gives you moments of insight into Jin's thoughts and his thoughts at the time. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Reward for Finding All Hot Springs

For finding all the hot springs, you'll get a notable health boost as all of those little increases add together, as well as the Fundoshi outfit - basically underwear. It does have an effect though, as wearing it will make both running and sprinting completely silent, a potent ability in stealth assaults.

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