Ghost of Tsushima: All Pillar of Honor Locations

Ghost of Tsushima: All Pillar of Honor Locations

We show you where to find all the Pillars of Honor and their sword kits.

Though you'll be using the same katana throughout the whole of Ghost of Tsushima, there's no shortage of Sword Kits to customize its appearance, allowing you to change the hilt and scabbard of both your sword and tanto knife. We'll show you all Pillar of Honor locations, the special hidden markers that each have a Sword Kit waiting on them.

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All Pillar of Honor Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

To find all Pillars of Honor in Ghost of Tsushima you'll need to unlock the whole map, with 23 Pillars in total spread across the entire island. We've laid them all out below as well as what kit you can find on each one. If you're not sure how to unlock new areas, we've laid that out here.

Pillars of Honor are short stone monuments that each have a sword kit lying against them. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Izuhara Pillars of Honor

Sword KitAppearanceLocation
Yasha's EmbersBlack scabbard with fiery red marks and a bright blue hilt.South-East of Hiyoshi Springs village, at the opposite side of the bay from the lighthouse.
Fuujin's SecretBlack scabbard with fiery red marks again, gold hilt and red rope and tassels.Directly North of the Kaneda Inlet, on the Northern coast and West of Castle Kaneda.
Genbu's DarknessBlue/grey scaly scabbard with a grey handle pale blue tassels.Between First General's Field and Saicho's Point in North-West Izuhara.
Spring BambooGreen and black scabbard, a white hilt and matching tassels.West-by-Northwest of Shigenori's Peak, in North Komatsu.
Twilight OniBlack scabbard covered in intricate twisting green and yellow patterns, a wooden hilt and purple tassels.On Wakou's Island, East of Azamo Bay on the South coast.
Mamushi VenomBrown snakeskin scabbard and tan hilt, with a pale blue rope knotted around it.On Sakimori Overlook, in the middle of Azamo.
Warrior's BrushScabbard split into black and white horizontally, with gold trims, a black hilt and purple rope.On the East coast of Ariake, on the end of the unnamed peninsula pointing at Sibling Rocks.

Toyotama Pillars of Honor

Sword KitAppearanceLocation
Breath of HachimanBlack scabbard with a few gold leaf patterns, bright red hilt and a white rope tied around it.South-by-Southwest of Old Kanazawa Marsh, in East Imugi.
Gold Koi RiverWater-blue hilt with gold polka dots across it, a white hilt and matching rope.Directly South of Old Toyotama Hills, far North from Kushi Temple.
Hijiki in SunlightVarnished wood scabbard with navy blue hilt and a red leather strap.West of Kazumasa's Isle and Southwest from Kushi Temple.
Dueling FestivalOrange and purple checkerboard scabbard, with a plain brown hilt and grey rope.East of the Old Togo Rice Fields on the coastline, on the curved land North from Castle Kaneda.
Yuzu PeelYellow and black scabbard with a purple and orange trim, brown leather hilt and multicoloured rope.On the West coast, at the end of Sibling Bay peninsula west from Omi Village.
Bishamon's FortuneMulticoloured scabbard that's mainly red, yellow and black, brown and black hilt with various kinds of rope knotted around it.Just North of Little Monk's Pond, a long way South from Castle Shimura.
Hunting BearGreen and black scabbard with a subtle striped pattern on the black, a brown and yellow hilt with matching yellow rope.On the unnamed peninsula on the West coast of Otsuna, just North of Yoshinaka Bay and South of the Shrine Path.
Warrior's FaithBlack and gold scabbard with loose blue and gold fabric tied around it, matched by blue and gold hilt.On the South of Coast of Toyotama, at the end of the long peninsula that runs South from Lady Sanjo's Bridge.
Moon Bear's PawScabbard covered in black fur, with purple hilt and matching rope.At the end of the Peninsula East of Hakutaku Forest and further East from Akashima Village.
Each Sword Kit you find can be equipped in the menu. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Kamiagata Pillars of Honor

Sword KitAppearanceLocation
Shogun's StormOrnate blue, gold and black scabbard with constellation patterns and a tan hilt.Southwest of the Bitter Hills in the Southeast Sago area.
Island's KeeperPlain white scabbard wrapped in loose white fabric with a green bamboo pattern, slate-blue hilt and tassels.Not very far East-by-Southeast of Jogaku Temple
Midnight HanabiBlack scabbard with complex gold patterns reminiscent of stars, with a blue and black striped hilt.Along the North Path from Kin Sanctuary, on the little island in the lake.
Tanuki's BrushBlue scabbard covered in a thick golden brown fur wrap, a blue and silver hilt with white rope tied around it.Northwest of Mount Jogaku, on the right side of the path going up from Jogaku Temple.
Sly TanukiA black scabbard wrapped in a black and white fur wrap, a pale blue handle and red rope.On the end of the peninsula Northeast of Iwai Village.
Hidden ForestLeaf-green hilt speckled with yellow, a brown leather hilt and blue charms hanging off it.At the very end of Cape Izumi on the East coastline.
Azure DragonSea-blue scabbard with gold trim, a pale blue hilt and grey ribbon wrapped around it.On top of the unnamed snowy mountain Northeast of Kin Village.

How to Change Your Katana's Appearance

Once you have a Sword Kit, you can change your katana and your knife's appearance by going into the Gear section of the pause menu, selecting the Sakai Steel section and then the katana itself. This'll bring up a full list of all the sword kits you've found - just click the one you like the look of to equip it in the game.

Where to Find Other Sword Kits

There are a few other Sword Kits spread around the game. Jin starts off with a default one called the Storm of Clan Sakai, but you can also buy them from merchants by exchanging flowers, and even get some rare ones from completing certain Mythic Tales hidden across the world.

If that helped you, why not check out some of USG's editorial content around Ghost of Tsushima? Mike's review is waiting to be read here, or see how the creators of The Last Guardian helped contribute to Tsushima's development here.

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