Ghost of Tsushima: Controls Guide

Ghost of Tsushima: Controls Guide

We show you all the controls - including those that aren't so obvious - that you need to play Ghost of Tsushima.

There's a lot of things to do in Ghost of Tsushima, and a lot of controls to match them. And though it's not always immediately clear what Jin Sakai is capable of, we've laid out a full controls guide so you know your smoke bombs from your sword swings.

On this page:

All Controls for Ghost of Tsushima

We've put a full controls list below, as well as a list of all the special unlockable abilities you can get throughout the course of the game.

SquareQuick Attack/Assassinate
TriangleHeavy Attack
R1Quickfire Weapon/Ghost Weapon
R2Crouch/Mount Horse/Contextual Interaction
L2+R2Fire Bow/Ranged Weapon
R2+Face ButtonsSwitch Stance or Quickfire/Ghost Weapon
L2Aim Bow/Ranged Weapon
L2+D-PadSwitch Ranged Weapons
L2+Face ButtonsSwitch Arrows/Ammunition
OptionsPause Menu
Left Analog StickWalk
Right Analog StickCamera
D-Pad (Down)Heal
D-Pad (Left)Call Horse
D-Pad (Right)Photo Mode
D-Pad (Up)Standoff
Trackpad (Press)Focused Hearing
Trackpad (Swipe Down)Bow (Gesture)
Trackpad (Swipe Left)Play Song
Trackpad (Swipe Right)Draw/Sheath Sword
Trackpad (Swipe Up)Guiding Wind

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Controls for Special Mythic Abilities

Triangle+CircleHeavenly Strike
L1+R1Dance of Wrath
R2+Right on the D-Pad to equip, then R1 to triggerWay of the Flame
L2+Triangle to equip while holding LongbowExplosive Arrow

Better control yourself - there's more Ghost of Tsushima content than you could ever hope for here at USG! We've got Mike's review of the game right here, or find out about the cutest secret critters hiding Tsushima here.

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