Ghost of Tsushima: Golden Birds Explained

Ghost of Tsushima: Golden Birds Explained

The golden birds of Tsushima are everywhere once you start looking for them, though what they're for isn't immediately obvious.

As you ride across the plains in Ghost of Tsushima, you'll encounter mysterious golden birds that'll fly around and above you for no apparent reason. However, they do have a function, and we'll explain the golden birds' purpose and how you can use them to your advantage.

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Golden Birds in Ghost of Tsushima Explained

If you find a golden bird in Ghost of Tsushima, you'll want to follow it! The game uses them to narrow down searchable areas or lead you to nearby locations of significance, such as nearby hot springs. Ride or run after the bird, and though it might take a slightly circuitous route, eventually it'll lead you to some point of interest that you haven't found yet.

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Can You Kill the Golden Birds?

To the best of our knowledge, you cannot kill the golden birds, even if you're a master with the bow. Even if you wait until they settle on a rock or surface, they'll take flight the moment you aim at them, and we're relatively sure the game doesn't register the arrows hitting them. This is likely to keep the plot consistent, as Jin mentions several times that these are his mother's favorite birds. It wouldn't make much sense if he was using them for target practice.

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