Ghost of Tsushima: How to Sheath Your Sword

Ghost of Tsushima: How to Sheath Your Sword

There's an easy way to draw your katana at any point or put it back in its scabbard.

A big part of Ghost of Tsushima is the fantasy of the classic samurai, and part of that is replicating the actions and behaviour one would expect. Bearing that in mind, we'll show you how to sheath your sword whenever you want.

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How to Sheath Your Sword in Ghost of Tsushima

To sheath your sword in Ghost of Tsushima, you'll need to drag your finger across the trackpad to the right, but without pressing down so hard that it clicks. If the sword is drawn, this'll make Jin sheath it accordingly. If the sword is already sheathed, this'll make him draw it without attacking, holding it at whatever angle is determined by the stance you're currently in.

If Jin has just been in combat, this animation will also show him remove the blood from his blade in one of two ways - either flicking it away, or wiping the sword off in the crook of his elbow. This move is technically referred to as a "gesture," and we've outlined what other gestures you can try at our controls guide here.

A flick of blood and stowing of your blade can be the perfect period to a bloody battle. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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Enemies Sheathing Their Swords

If you're fighting other katana-users and see them suddenly sheath their sword in the middle of combat, they're preparing for a special attack in which they draw it in a flash and sweep it upwards. This move is unblockable, no matter what techniques you've learned, and is most easily avoided by dodging straight backwards when you see the red glint.

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