Ghost of Tsushima: How to Unlock New Areas of the Map

Ghost of Tsushima: How to Unlock New Areas of the Map

Though Jin fights to free all of Tsushima, you won't be able to access the whole island straight away. We'll show you how to unlock all the available regions and access the whole map.

Fighting through Ghost of Tsushima reveals a map far larger than first seems, split into different regions that unlock under certain criteria. We'll explain how to unlock new regions of the map and what you can expect to find there.

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How to Unlock New Areas of the Map in Ghost of Tsushima

You can unlock new regions of the map in Ghost of Tsushima by following the main plot, as each section is obstructed by unpassable natural obstacles - usually a wide river - the exception being a guarded fortress on the one path from region to region. Unlocking a new region is usually the marker between movement of each of the game's acts, with most of that act taking place in the new region.

How Many Regions Are There?

There are three regions in total, which you'll unlock as you move up the island as part of the main plot. We've listed them below, as well as what you'll need to access them.

RegionUnlocked Through:
IzuharaFirst accessible region, unlocked after the tutorial.
ToyotamaTake Castle Kaneda and complete the boss fight at the end of Act 1.
KamiagataTake Castle Shimura at the end of Act 2.
There are three areas in Tsushima - Izuhara, Toyotama and Kamiagata - to be unlocked and liberated across the game. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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What is the Difference Between the Regions?

The different regions tend to represent different levels of difficulty, as the further North you go, the more dangerous and capable the Mongol soldiers become. Izuhara is the easiest region, and Kamiagata is the most dangerous, full of elite troops using poisons and fire.

There's a whole lot more Tsushima content to explore and chart here at USG. Mike's review of the game can be found here, or check out our interview with Daisuke Tsuji, voice of Jin Sakai, to hear about the challenges around Asian-American representation in games.

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