Ghost of Tsushima: How to Unlock the Stealth Kill Ability

Ghost of Tsushima: How to Unlock the Stealth Kill Ability

The ability to assassinate enemies while sneaking isn't something you start off with, but need to unlock later on.

Despite starting off in Ghost of Tsushima as a noble samurai, it won't be long before you're forced to start picking off enemies from the shadows. The stealth kill isn'tt an ability you start off with, so we'll show youhow to unlock the stealth kill ability, also known as an Assassination.

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How to Unlock the Stealth Kill Ability in Ghost of Tsushima

You don't unlock the stealth kill ability in Ghost of Tsushima until some way into the game, where the world expands to allow you to freely roam the map. Once that happens, one of the story missions you can go to is known as the "The Warrior's Code", which actually demonstrates how Jin Sakai learns to kill from the shadows. It doesn't take long in that mission for Yuna the thief to lead you to a Mongol soldier who doesn't know you're there, and this leads to a brief cinematic that shows why you haven't killed anybody in this manner yet.

Once you have the Assassinate ability, you'll be able to kill silently from behind or above an opponent. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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Why Can't I Stealth Kill Enemies?

If you're earlier in the game and haven't completed The Warrior's Code yet, Jin won't be able to Assassinate enemies from stealth. The mission reveals this isn't actually because he can't or doesn't know how to, but because he's unwilling to do so, his code of honor telling him it's immoral or ignoble to kill an unaware opponent. The Warrior's Code is about him deciding to put aside this ethos and coming to terms with the idea that he may have to act dishonorably going ahead.

Otherwise, you'll need to make sure you aren't being seen. Enemies can only be stealth killed when they can't see where you are or are unalerted, so assassinating a target during combat is impossible without a smoke bomb.

How to Assassinate Enemies

The stealth kill you unlock is referred to as an Assassination ability, which can be used when you're close to an opponent who doesn't know you're there. Hitting the Square button will perform a brief animation wherein Jin kills the opponent silently. Here are some examples of when you can use it:

  • When behind an unaware enemy.
  • When on a ridge looking down at an enemy beneath you (for a drop assasination).
  • After using a smoke bomb (unlocked later) to blind opponents around you.
  • When concealed by long grass or foliage.

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