Ghost of Tsushima: How to Upgrade Your Katana

Ghost of Tsushima: How to Upgrade Your Katana

To make your sword do more damage, you'll need to find a swordsmith or blacksmith to enhance it.

Ghost of Tsushima always gives you a sword at your side, but it won't be long before you need upgrade the damage dealt by your trusty blade. We'll show you how to upgrade your katana and where to find the special swordsmiths who can make it better.

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How to Upgrade Your Katana in Ghost of Tsushima

To upgrade your katana in Ghost of Tsushima you'll need to find a swordsmith and provide them with the supplies and gold needed to pay for the next enhancement. The only thing that can be improved about your sword is its damage, though obviously this can make a huge difference as you progress throughout the game and enemies gain more health.

Katana upgrades only increase damage, though these will become near-mandatory as you progress and encounter more powerful enemies. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

There's a total of six purchasable upgrades for the katana, each one of which increases its damage and costs more than before. The earliest upgrades only require a small amount of supplies and some iron, but later on you'll need much more of both, as well as some steel and gold.

Swordsmith Locations

There are swordsmiths at most of the major villages and towns in Tsushima, though not all of them. The earliest ones you'll come across will be in the Izuhara region, and though more will appear as you free towns from Mongol control later on, there's one who can be found immediately at Golden Temple, in the Northern Ariake province. It'll be marked on your map from the start, so just head there to begin upgrading your sword. There'll be more swordsmiths in further regions as you unlock them.

How to Upgrade the Tanto Knife

You can also upgrade the Sakai Tanto knife at the swordsmith. Though the knife is used only for one-hit-kill assassinations, upgrades speed up your assassinations and make them quieter, lessening the chance you'll be heard or seen. There's only two upgrades for the Tanto, requiring similar costs and payments to the regular sword upgrades.

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Where to Get Steel and Gold

To find the rare steel and gold materials for your sword, go to the map and check Mongol camps and occupied cities marked on it, as well as any Tales. By hovering the cursor over them, you'll see the rewards associated with freeing them. In many cases, this will be steel or gold, which can be put towards weapon upgrades.

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