Ghost of Tsushima Patch Expands Its Difficulty Range With Harder and Easier Options

Ghost of Tsushima Patch Expands Its Difficulty Range With Harder and Easier Options

Sucker Punch aims to help out the low and high end of Ghost of Tsushima players.

More difficulty options is always a good thing. Ghost of Tsushima launched with three difficulty options: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The options allow players to tweak enemy aggressiveness, enemy damage, and the timing of parrying.

With today's Patch 1.05, Sucker Punch has added more options to tweak your experience on the island of Tsushima. First, there's the new higher difficulty level: Lethal. At Lethal difficulty, damage from enemy weapons and Jin's katana are increased, making combat more deadly for everyone involved. Enemies detect Jin much faster, are much more aggressive in combat, and the parry and dodge timing is even tighter compared to Hard.

The second major addition is Lower Intensity Combat, which is actually not a difficulty option. Instead, you'll find the toggle in the accessibility menu. This means, you could theoretically use Lower Intensity Combat and Lethal difficulty together. Why would you do that? I don't know, but it's a single-player game, so go live your life.

The Lower Intensity Combat toggle is all about making Ghost of Tsushima a lovely open-world lazy river. It makes normally unblockable attacks actually blockable, though you'll still have to dodge certain moves. Enemies will also stop attacking briefly after damaging you, and your heavy attacks will interrupt the combos of the heavy Brutes. Your foes will also act like they're in an old school martial arts film, giving you space while you use Resolve to heal. Finally, enemy awareness builds far slower in this mode, allowing you to recover from the errant mistake during stealth action.

Otherwise, this patch has a few more text options if you actually turned on the Japanese audio track. You can increase the size of the text, turn off the speaker name in the subtitles, and change the color of the subtitles themselves. Switch them to yellow for that classic VHS subtitle feel.

Ghost of Tsushima has gotten a strong reception, with 2.4 million copies sold in two weeks. It's also become Sony's biggest first-party debut on PlayStation 4 in Japan, beating luminaries like The Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man, and God of War. In our review, we found a solid end to the PS4 generation, and we've talked about what we'd love to see from a sequel.

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