Ghost of Tsushima: The Curse of Uchitsune Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima: The Curse of Uchitsune Walkthrough

Uchitsune was a fabled demon-hunter who used his longbow to kill Kami and humans alike. Here's how to follow his steps in one of the game's special Mythic Tales.

The Curse of Uchitsune is one of Ghost of Tsushima's most notable Mythic Tales, a quest across Hiyoshi to find a rare longbow said to torment whoever holds it. We'll show you the steps you need to take in our "The Curse of Uchitsune" Mythic Tale walkthrough.

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The Curse of Uchitsune Mythic Tale Walkthrough in Ghost of Tsushima

To begin the Curse of Uchitsune in Ghost of Tsushima you'll first need to find an NPC who can tell you where to start the quest, a process we've laid out at our guide to starting all the Mythic Tales here. Once you find Yamato, he'll give the you the backstory behind this quest: Uchitsune was a renowned demon hunter who was hired to kill a Kami with his longbow, only to be cursed in the demon's last moments. Uchitsune began to see the demon everywhere, and killed numerous people in his confusion, eventually exiled to Tsushima and dying quietly, his longbow lost somewhere. Yamato says he knows that Uchitsune liked to walk Hiyoshi's coastline and observe the blue hydrangeas, giving you a starting point to search for it.

The tomb is in the very middle of the first area. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Where to Search the Coast

The first step is to find the hidden tomb on the coastline, though Jin won't know that's what he's looking for. Head to the marked area on your map and head to the very centre of the searchable circle to find a buried tomb at the base of a huge rock, blue hydrangeas leading up to a crack that'll let you in. Head inside to the little shrine and examine it to find a picture of an island. That's your next target.

Once you're done, go back out via a crack under the wall behind you. Follow the path outside, where a cutscene will play of a tengu monk warning you away from the Uchitsune's longbow. He'll vanish, but Jin isn't especially interested in listening to mysterious monks, so now you have another goal - to find the next island.

The next location is an island at the North of the coastline, shown above. Don't be fooled by the one South of that with the bridge leading to it, that's just a shrine path. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Where to Find Uchitsune's Island

There's a huge stretch of coastline to explore, but fortunately there's only two islands. You want the Northernmost one, about three-quarters up the searchable area, as the other is a shrine challenge that'll take a long time to complete, only for you to realise it's the wrong place. Head past it until you find a small bay with an island covered in more blue hydrangeas. It's not easy to get down, but there's a path on the North face of the bay itself that lead you down to the beach, whereupon you can cross sandbanks and shallow water to the island itself. There's a cave straight ahead of you with the next clue - a practice archery target. Search around it for the next location, a mountain split into two halves. Leaving the cave, the tengu monk will appear and warn you again, telling you to leave the bow alone.

Where to Find Uchitsune's Mountain

The third and final searching point is in the middle of the Hiyoshi region, in the mountainous area West of Hiyoshi Springs. The easiest way to find it is to go straight to the very centre of the marked area, then head directly South until you find more blue hydrangeas near a fork in the road. These flowers will make a rough path between several rock formations - follow them roughly South-West to find an overgrown temple with a gorgeous mountain view behind it.

The final searching point is a mountain pass in Hiyoshi. Head to the South of the marked area to find it. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Where to Find Uchitsune's Longbow

Uchitsune's Longbow isn't hard to find once you're there, go straight ahead to the giant lantern on the cliff's edge and search the base of it. Jin will claim the Longbow, but it'll begin a hallucinatory dream sequence wherein the monk appears again and challenges you to a climatic duel for ownership of the bow.

How to Beat the Tengu Monk

The duel with the tengu monk is about looking for gaps in a rapid series of elaborate attacks, as he's using something between Wind and Water Stance to overwhelm you. We've laid out some tips on how to beat him below.

  • The Unyielding Sword Parry technique can do a huge amount to help here, allowing you turn about half the monk's unblockable attacks into parriable ones that leave him wide open for counterattack.
  • The monk utilises a mix of quick strikes, kicks and unblockable attacks. He'll try to overwhelm your defense, so either parry or dodge his attacks altogether. Blocking won't help you for very long.
  • Switch to Stone Stance as the fight begins and keep it for the whole thing, as it'll make it easiest to deal with his attacks.
  • If he sheaths his sword, back away as much as possible, as he's preparing for a very fast unblockable attack.
  • If you've unlocked the Heavenly Strike, use heavy attacks to wear away his defence, then follow up the Strike itself for massive damage when his defence is worn away.

Once you beat him, the dream will end and you'll finish the quest with the high-powered Longbow, as well as explosive arrows.

The Tengu Monk is a fast fighter you uses, elaborate quick attacks. Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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How to Use the Longbow

You can switch between ranged weapons - including your Half-Bow and Longbow - by holding L2 and using the D-Pad. You can also switch between regular arrows and your new explosive arrows by holding L2 and using the face buttons.

Is the Longbow Better Than the Half-Bow?

The Longbow is designed more for long-range combat than the regular Half-Bow, as its range and power are greatly increased, meaning you can kill bandits or soldiers from a great distance in a single shot. However, there are downsides - it takes much longer to notch and pull back, and its huge size means you can't use it while crouching. It's much less viable in quick combat or close-range stealth, but can be devastating if you set up on a cliff or high point overlooking a fortress and treat it like a silent sniper rifle. Take your time picking off opponents and you'll see why this weapon was so feared. Combine it with Tadayori's Armor, which you can get as part of this Mythic Tale here, and you'll be the most lethal archer in all of Tsushima.

Even as a master archer, there's a whole lot more Tsushima content to find here at USG. Mike's review of the game can be found here, or check out our interview with Daisuke Tsuji, voice of Jin Sakai, to hear about the challenges around Asian-American representation in games and how things could be improved.

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