Ghost of Tsushima: The Legend of Tadayori Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima: The Legend of Tadayori Walkthrough

The fabled archer of Azamo has left behind some of the best armor in the game. We'll show you how to make it through the quest and find it for yourself.

If you want to be the best archer possible in Ghost of Tsushima you'll need to find the legendary Armor of Tadayori, the island's greatest bowmaster and pirate-slayer. We've written a full walkthrough to the Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale to help you reach this hero's final treasure.

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"The Legend of Tadayori" Mythic Tale Walkthrough in Ghost of Tsushima

To beat the Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima, you'll first have to find the random NPC who will lead you to the quest, an elderly peasant woman who mentions Yamato the musician and where you can find him. We've laid out the best way to find both characters here. Once you find Yamato, he'll give you the backstory of what you're about to do: that a legendary archer named Tadayori would fight off pirates while protected by a near-perfect set of armor. Tadayori died of old age, but the armor was lost and nobody found it. However, Yamato knows where Tadayori meditated, a place named the Violet Crown, and thinks that might be a good place to find the armor, or at least to start looking.

The Crown of Violets is to the South of the searchable area. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Where to Find Violet Crown

To be more accurate, Yamato doesn't know exactly where Violet Crown is, giving you a section of the map in Northern Azamo for you to search, telling you to find violet chrysanthemum flowers.

The specific place you want to go is in the Southern section of the area marked on your map, a small, stony mountain with a path of violet chrysanthemums running up it. Follow the path to the top, where you'll find a small shrine with burning incense. Examine the shrine and the lantern next to it to find a map, indicating a rough direction to your next location: Tadayori's Rest.

Where to Find Tadayori's Rest

Now the area you have to search is much bigger, and there's less of a sense of what you're looking for, as the map is vague at best. The big clue is the river, which matches the shape of the one to the North of Violet Crown. Head directly North towards Houren's Pasture and cross the river ahead of you, where you'll find even more chrysanthemums.

From there, follow them towards the mountain ahead of you, but don't try to climb it. Instead, look for the lantern at the base of the cliff that looks like the one in the painting (it'll be lit, to make it easier). Next to that is a small gap under the rock you can crawl under using R2. Follow the path on the other side around to find first some dead Mongol soldiers, and then a huge garden with a cemetery on the opposite side. Examine the graves and incense to begin the next stage: a duel with the mysterious Kaede, who accuses you of being a thief looking to steal.

The painting will lead you to Houren's Pasture across the river. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

How to Beat Kaede

To defeat Kaede will require a clever understanding of blocking, as she's a fast, unpredictable opponent who utilises rapid combo attacks. We've laid out some handy tips to beat her below.

  • Stick with Stone Stance. Kaede is a hard-hitting sword fighter and you'll need the defensive emphasis that Stone Stance brings with it.
  • Kaede mainly uses rapid combo strikes, which aren't easily blocked. If you see her begin to make numerous swings, it's better to back away rather than get caught in the crossfire or risk having to make multiple parries.
  • If you see her sheath her sword and walk towards you, she's preparing for an blockable attack. Dodge or jump to avoid it.
  • Every now and then Kaede will do a simple, single sword swing. These are very easily parried and leave her open to counterattacks.
  • Don't try to hit her more than three times in one go, her vulnerable moments are as brief as they are vital.

After beating Kaede, you explain to her your true intentions and identity, and she'll explain that she doesn't know where the armor is, though she knows the clue "Tadayori watches over Azamo Bay for eternity."

Kaede is a combo-focused warrior who doesn't leave herself vulnerable for long. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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"Tadayori Watches Over Azamo Bay for Eternity" Location

Don't worry if you haven't cleared Azamo Bay town of enemies yet, you won't actually go in there. Instead, from the West side of the town, climb the cliffs behind it and follow them around towards the East, hugging the edge. Up ahead you'll see Mongols who've taken a familiar face hostage: Yamato the musician.

How to Save Hostage Yamato

Trying to keep Yamato safe will require you to be either stealthy, or quick. Once they realise you're there, the soldiers will immediately send somebody towards Yamato to kill him, marked by a skull and crossbones above their head. Kill that guy straight away to keep the musician safe. Otherwise, here are some tips on how to keep Yamato alive.

  • Stealth is the best option here, especially if you've unlocked the distraction windchimes to lure people over. They'll only go to kill Yamato if they see you, not if they find bodies of allies, so you can use those to bring attention.
  • The bow is also a great addendum, especially if you have the Concentration slow-motion skill. Rack up headshots on all the enemies around Yamato to kill any immediate threat.
  • If you get into combat, get to Yamato straight away and defend him using any of your quickfire tools. A smoke bomb can be used to disorientate opponents and get a few easy assassinations straight afterwards, and there's no risk of it hurting Yamato.
Yamato isn't in danger until the Mongols actually see you, so use corpses to lure them away and pick them off. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

How to Get Tadayori's Armor

Once you clear them out, Yamato reveals he misled most of the soldiers to a false location, and the armor is actually buried under the statue just behind him. Interact with it to get Tadayori's legendary armor, which grants multiple buffs and perks related to archery. However, the mission isn't over - Yamato's deception has been discovered, and now you have to protect him in true combat with the armor you just acquired.

Protecting Yamato

There's no stealth option this time, as waves of enemies will begin to attack Yamato, backed by numerous archers on the rocky outcroppings opposite. Clearly the whole point here is to make use of all these new archery perks, so we've laid out the basics of saving him yet again below.

  • There's a supply of unlimited arrows just behind Yamato, leaning against a tree. Use these frequently.
  • You'll usually have between two and six archers firing at you specifically, while one or two melee soldiers charge forward to kill Yamato.
  • Pick off the archers with your own bow to reduce the chance of getting chipped away.
  • Soldiers marked with the skull and crossbones are coming after Yamato. Try to pick them off with headshots, or meet them halfway.
  • Dodge rolls are essential, and with so many archers, you don't usually have time to power-up your shots fully before somebody hits you. Try and kill each archer with quick shots, and make regular visits to the arrows behind Yamato to resupply.
  • You'll have to defend Yamato for about five minutes, usually with a new wave of melee attackers once a minute or so.

Once it's done, you'll walk away with this brilliant armor to keep, as well as a major legend increase.

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