Ghost of Tsushima: The Unbreakable Gosaku Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima: The Unbreakable Gosaku Walkthrough

The unstoppable defender of Tsushima's farmers left his armor to any who were willing to claim the mantle. We'll show you where to get that armor and where to find Gosaku's six keys.

After making your way your way into Toyotama in Ghost of Tsushima, you'll be able to begin a Mythic Tale that speaks of an unstoppable farmer who took up the role of defender, clad in ancient armor. In this walkthrough for The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale, we'll show you how to collect all six keys to reach Gosaku's Armor.

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The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale Walkthrough in Ghost of Tsushima

To beat The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima you'll first have to find the musician Yamato, the erudite and educated quest-giver who gives all of the game's quests. We've laid out where to find him here, but keep in mind you won't be able to start this particular Tale until you unlock the region of Toyotama, which we've laid out how to do here.

Once you find him, Yamato will explain the legend of Gosaku. Centuries ago Gosaku was a simple farmer, one of many tormented by the notorious Red Hand Bandits. But one day Gosaku was led by the spirit of a samurai to a set of ancient, magnificent armor. Putting it on, despite having no training, Gosaku challenged the bandits and defeated them all, the spirit impressed by his bravery and helping to steady him in combat. The armor was almost impenetrable and so Gosaku became a legendary folk hero. When he died years later, six farming families locked the armor away in anticipation for the next hero, each family with one of six keys that would all be needed to get the armor back. However, the Mongol soldiers have now heard the rumor and want the armor themselves, forcing Jin to find and claim it.

Where to Get Gosaku's Keys

You can get each key by going to a corresponding village or farmstead (they'll be marked on your map now you've claimed the quest) and saving them from a Mongol or occupation attack. You can find a key at each of these locations:

  1. Iijima Farmstead (Toyotama)
  2. Koshimizu Farmstead (Toyotama)
  3. Yagata Farmstead (Izuhara)
  4. Kuta Farmstead (Izuhara)
  5. Aoi Village (Izuhara)
  6. Ohama Fishing Village (Izuhara)
Saving hostages is the focus in every village, as you'll automatically fail and have to restart if any of them die. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Once you get to a village or farmstead, you'll need to eliminate all the Mongols before they can kill any of the hostages, which makes either a stealth focus or quick reflexes very necessary. We've also gone into further detail below. Remember that you can tackle these in any order, so if you're having trouble with one, try another to see if you have more luck and come back to it.

Iijima Farmstead

The closest location to Yamato, Iijima is a broad, swampy location that makes use of verticality, with a lot of rooftops to work on. The enemies tend to be in tight groups with a lot of distance between them, so a mix of assassinations and arrows can do a lot here.

Koshimizu Farmstead

Koshimizu has a lot less high ground to work with, but the enemies are more spaced out, making picking them off easier. The danger is they tend to be more powerful - work to eliminate them silently as much as possible, as alerting them could put you and the hostages in serious danger. If there's several grouped together, distract one away with wind chimes or use chain assassinations to take them down.

Yagata Farmstead

Back down in Izuhara, Yagata is probably the easiest village, with small groups of standard enemies. It's fairly viable to drop in the middle of a group and try to pick them off with a quickly flurry of combat strikes, or use kunai and bombs to down them fast.

Kuta Farmstead

Kuta is almost certainly going to become a fight, as the whole location is basically two big groups of enemies with little cover or options for concealment. If you do get into a brawl, stay close to the hostage to make sure they're protected, and in an emergency use a smoke bomb to get a backstab on the attacker. Swapping to Samurai Armor might help here, allowing you to tank the annoying hound dog attacks as best as possible.

Aoi Village

At the furthest Southern point of Izuhara is Aoi Village, which features one of the earliest appearances of the Mongol hawks. These big birds basically function as recon drones, surveying an area for movement and screeching when they see you. Keep watching the skies and use a bow to bring them down when you see them, as they'll make rooftop movement much harder. Aside from that, the regular enemies tend to be in small groups and shouldn't prove much trouble if handled carefully. A well-placed black powder bomb or explosive arrow can do a lot to thin their ranks.

Villages usually include small groups of enemies who can be eliminated individually, though there are some exceptions. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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Ohama Fishing Village

Ohama's biggest annoyance are the hound dogs coming back, which do unblockable bite attacks that latch onto Jin's arm and hold you there momentarily. They also can't be assassinated for some reason. Kill as many of them from a distance if possible - the rooftops offer a good vantage point for arrows - before dealing with the rest of the enemies in whatever way you're most comfortable with.

Using the Keys

Once you have all six keys, head back to Akashima, where you met Yamato, and to the marked area to the East of Old Togo Rice Fields. There you'll see a big white stone hill, the North side of which is heavily guarded by Mongols. Be ready for this fight, because it's a big one, with a captain and two brutes (one of which has a cannon) leading numerous other more basic enemies behind them. Make the most of your ghost weapons to keep whatever enemy you're not fighting at bay, and don't be afraid to make the most of the open space to back off to safety. The variety of enemies means you'll also want to keep changing Stances, as each enemy will require a different approach.

The armor is waiting at the top of this hill to the East of the Old Togo Rice Fields. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Where to Find Gosaku's Armor

Once you beat the Mongols, go to the North side of the hill to see a door embedded in it. Use the keys to open that, then go through the rock to an open space with a wall in front of you. You can use your grappling hook to climb the wall, then use it and regular climbing to follow the straight path that circles around the outside of the hill until finally making it to the top, where there'll be a small chest with Gosaku's Armor inside, as well as a matching headband. Open it to claim your prize and end the Mythic Tale. The armor itself is phenomenal, granting a health increase, a boost to stagger damage, and granting health each time you kill staggered enemies, which is hugely effective in battles with big groups.

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