Ghost of Tsushima: The Undying Flame Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima: The Undying Flame Walkthrough

Completing this dangerous Mythic Tale will teach Jin the Way of the Flame, allowing him to set his katana on fire.

The last of the special Mythic Tales you can find in Ghost of Tsushima allows you to learn a special new technique to engulf your sword in fire, setting opponents on fire with every strike. In this walkthrough for The Undying Flame, we'll show you how to climb Mount Jogaku and find the truth of the Way of the Flame at the top.

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The Undying Flame Walkthrough for Ghost of Tsushima

To beat the Undying Flame Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima you'll need first to find Yamato, who as always will give you the mission and the context behind it. We've laid out his exact location here, and once you see him you'll realise he's attempting to light a fire. Talk to him and then press R2 to light the fire, which'll start a cutscene in which Yamato explains the Tale properly. Long ago a fiery rock (likely a meteorite) fell on Mount Jogaku and was found by a man who touched it with his sword, setting the blade alight without harming him. He built a fighting style called the Way of the Flame and went to China to study the rock, finding more of them and teaching the Way to others. Eventually the Mongols found out about it and brought this style back to Tsushima as part of their invasion arsenal, though the original rock is likely still up on Mount Jogaku. If anybody could weather the harsh cold, they'd be able to learn the Way themselves.

This means you have one objective - climb Mount Jogaku, find the meteorite, and try not to freeze to death along the way.

Ascending Mount Jogaku

Once you're done talking to Yamato, the icon will lead you to the base of Mount Jogaku, but you'll have to work out how to climb it from there. Fortunately we've laid out a step-by-step process below, as the path isn't always obvious and the cold threatens to kill you along the way. There's also some important features to remember:

  • Once you're on the mountain, the cold weather will begin to damage you if you don't spend time near a campfire every so often. The way to survive is to run between fires as fast as possible and regain body warmth in doing so.
  • Sometimes enemies will attack you and hamper your progress. If killing them takes too long, it might be smarter simply to run back to the previous fire rather than press on.
  • If you've found it, the Charm of Okuninushi can really help, as it restores health while not in combat. It won't work while you're freezing, but essentially means that campfires not only reset the cold, but also allow you to restore full health as well.
  • As far as we could tell, different armor sets don't make a difference to how long you can spend in the cold, whether you're wrapped up in the furs of the Mongol Commander's Armor or running around in just the Fundoshi.
The cold will damage you if you spend too long away from campfires. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Where to Go to Climb Mount Jogaku

Once you leave Yamato, follow these step-by-step instructions to make it to the top.

  1. Head up the path marked on your map to reach the base of the mountain.
  2. Climb up the wall immediately in front of you with handholds. Up there will be some smaller ledges you can scale.
  3. Ahead of you is a campfire. From this point on you can be damaged by the cold.
  4. Head past the campfire, up more ledges to a rope bridge.
  5. Cross the bridge and kill the two wolves on the other side.
  6. Head straight on, scale a few more ledges, then follow the cliff's edge around to the right to find another campfire. Take a moment to warm back up.
  7. Once done, keep going along the cliff. There'll be a wolf ahead of you. Kill it, then jump over the gap past it and use your Iron Hook to snag and climb up the other side.
  8. You'll likely be freezing by now. It's not easy to see, but straight ahead is a half-buried corpse leaning against the side of the mountain. That cliff wall next to it is actually climbable, with small handholds you can use to go up. Go up the side and you should see the next campfire. Run to it.
  9. Once you're done, head to the left where four more wolves will be waiting. Throw a sticky bomb to clear them out fast, and keep following the path up.
  10. There's more ledges ahead, with a climbable wall that leads up to a muddy slope. At the top of the slope is another campfire.
  11. There's actually a samurai NPC here who you can talk to. It doesn't make a difference whether you do or don't but, he could probably use some company.
  12. Once done, head left and take the path between two rock cliffs. Follow it as it curves to the right.
  13. Eventually you'll see the path go between two more rock cliffs, covered in short foliage but don't follow it this time. Instead, use the ledges on the left to climb up one cliff.
  14. At the top will be a fallen tree acting as a bridge over that path. Use it to cross.
  15. There'll be a tiny outcropping of rock on the other side, barely big enough to stand on. Leap to the left (assuming you're facing the mountain) and use the Iron Hook to swing on a pair of trees to a new path.
  16. There's another campfire here, but it's unlit. You can ignite it with R2, and you should. There's also an optional scroll here you can read for flavour text.
  17. Once warmed up, head straight on with the mountain on your left. Climb up the ledge ahead and use the rope strung over a gap to tightrope walk across.
  18. After making it over, leap to your right to grab a branch and pull up to a new platform.
  19. It's not obvious here, but face towards the mountain and leap forward. You'll get a prompt to use your Iron Hook to grab the cliff and pull yourself up.
  20. Once you're standing again, you can use the Iron Hook once more to cross the gap next to you, swinging on exposed tree branches to another unlit campfire.
  21. After that, head straight past the frozen corpse and use the Hook to climb the wall next to it. Pull yourself up the rope to a path of handholds that'll carry you up.
  22. There'll be a gap in the path on your right with a bear in it (no, really). Jump over the gap altogether to catch the other side and keep going.
  23. At the end of that path is a final section of rock for you to pull yourself up. Once there, you'll see some carved stone steps.
  24. Follow those steps to the top to find the mysterious Mount Jogaku Dojo and meet Bettomaru, teacher of the Way of the Flame.
When you find this path, be sure to climb up the rocks on the left side and cross over the log rather than run underneath it. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

How to Beat the Bettomaru Boss Fight Duel

Bettomaru is a friendly sort who explains his ancestor was the original discoverer of the Way of the Flame, and is willing to test you to see if you're worthy of it. You're close enough to the Dojo that cold won't be a threat anymore, even when in the blizzard outside, and he'll direct you to a small rock, part of the original meteorite. Pick it up when ready to fight Bettomaru, and a duel will begin.

  • You probably know this by now, but stick to Stone Stance when fighting Bettomaru, as he's a sword user.
  • Bettomaru's preferred technique is to light his sword on fire and unleash a barrage of unblockable attacks, trying to keep the player on their toes and forcing them to play defensively.
  • You can block and parry most of his attacks when his sword is normal, and it's worth doing to try and do as much damage as possible in this state.
  • When Bettomaru sheaths his sword, he'll pull it out a second later covered in flame. This makes his regular attacks suddenly unblockable and unparryable, as well as risking setting you ablaze. Simply dodge away and keep your distance until the fire goes out again.
  • If he makes a fast side-swipe, he's likely about to launch into a four-attack combo that's devastating if you're caught in it.
  • If you catch fire, double-tap circle to roll on the ground and extinguish it.
  • Once you've taken away about a third of his health, you'll get the prompt to press R1 and light your own sword on fire. In this stage your own attacks are unblockable, as well as doing extra damage. Immediately go on the offensive until the flames subside, as there's little he can do to stop you now.
  • Whereas in normal gameplay this power has limited use, here you can reignite your sword as much as you want. Every time the fire goes out, take a moment to back up and relight the sword before leaping back into the fray. From this point on the fight should be almost insultingly easy, a testament to the power of the Way of the Flame. Or maybe it's just that being set on fire really, really hurts.
Bettomaru is a challenge at first, but like all challenges, things become significantly easier once you're allowed to set your opponent on fire. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

How to Descend Mount Jogaku

The Tale isn't entirely over now that you've beaten Bettomaru, but you're nearly there, as the last thing to do is descend Mount Jogaku and talk to Yamato again. To get down the mountain, go inside and through the dojo, out the opposite doorway. There'll be a brief path leading to a cliff with a post stuck into the edge, a rope hanging off it. Interact with the post to automatically warp to the bottom of the mountain, where you started climbing originally. From there simply walk down the road to talk once more to Yamato and end the Tale. You'll be able to use the Way of the Flame from here on, as well as getting the orange Izanami's Grief sword kit. If this is the last Mythic Tale to complete, you'll also get the "Teller of Tales" Trophy and the Purity of War mask.

How to Use the Way of the Flame Technique

To light your sword on fire in combat, you'll need to find incendiary oil, which gets used up each time you trigger the Way of the Flame. This oil can be bought from trappers or found in camps and villages, often inside enemy tents. To trigger it, hold R2 and press right on the D-Pad to equip the oil, then press R1 to ignite your sword.

The Way of the Flame is devastating in combat, breaking enemy defense and inflicting lasting damage on them. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

Once ignited, the fire on your katana will last about ten seconds. During this time you'll get the following perks:

  • Your sword strikes are unblockable and do extra damage.
  • Hits have a chance to set enemies on fire, doing further damage.
  • Any kills may terrify other enemies and cause them to flee.

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