Ghost of Tsushima: Where to Find Yamato for All Mythic Tales

Ghost of Tsushima: Where to Find Yamato for All Mythic Tales

Mythic Tales are special side quests that allow you to find valuable items and unlock new abilities.

It's not enough to be a skilled samurai in Ghost of Tsushima. To make your legend truly come to life, you'll need to complete the Mythic Tales, seven unique quests that each bestow powerful new attacks and equipment for you to take forward. Spread across the whole island, we'll show you where to start all Mythic Tales and what you can get from each one.

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Where to Start All Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima

There are a total of seven Mythic Tales to start in Ghost of Tsushima, each one of which is associated with musicians who will give you the mission itself and the context behind it. Many of these can be directed to by random NPCs you can speak to in towns (we found Golden Temple was especially good for this), who will give you the location of the musician quest-giver, Yamato. If you're especially close, a golden bird will help you the rest of the way and lead you to the musician in question.

All Yamato Mythic Tale Starting Locations

Mythic TaleRegionLocation
The Heavenly StrikeIzuharaNorth-East of Komatsu Forge, at the River Falls Bridge.
The Legend of TadayoriIzuharaIn North Tutsu, in a small clearing South of the Rustling Bend river.
The Curse of UchitsuneIzuharaIn the North-East corner of Hiyoshi Springs, on the cliff to the left side of the main sauna building.
The Unbreakable GosakuToyotama150 meters south of Akashima Village is a settlement of a few houses, with Yamato playing in the middle of them.
The Spirit of Yarikawa's VengeanceTomotayaWest of Rebel's Last Stand and South-East of the Ruins of Old Yarikawa.
The Six Blades of KojiroTomotayaWest side of Umugi Cove, just past the tavern.
The Undying FlameKamiagataJust North of Jogaku Temple. Follow the path to the crossroads, with Yamato on a ridge on the right.
Once you find Yamato, he'll be marked on your map with a blue icon until you complete the associated Mythic Tale. | Joel Franey/USG, Sucker Punch Productions/Sony

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Why Won't Yamato Appear?

If Yamato won't spawn for you, there can be two reasons for it, as we've discovered so far. We'll be sure to add to this list if we find any other cause.

  1. Your legend might not be high enough. Certain Tales won't appear until your legend reaches a certain point, so try coming back later when you're more renowned.
  2. We found that in some cases, Yamato didn't appear until a random NPC told us about him. Try going to major villages and towns in the region he's supposed to spawn inside and look for NPCs with speech icons above their heads.

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