Ghost Recon Breakpoint Bipod Location

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Bipod Location

Here’s where to find the Bipod in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint places a heavy emphasis on stealth. As a result, sniper rifles and long-ranged weaponry in general are crucial to success. Anything you can do to add stability to these weapons is obviously going to be a bonus, especially given that all headshots to PVE enemies will result in a one-hit KO. This is why the Bipod has become such a sought after attachment. It adds stability and range to weapons, meaning it’s extremely useful for taking out drones and Wolves. We’ve detailed where to find the Bipod below.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Bipod Location

We knew the Bipod was out there somewhere on the Island of Auroa, though tracking it down has served to be a lot more difficult than it first seemed. Luckily the folks over at r/GhostReconBreakpoint (specifically u/S1lent007) have figured it out. The location is described as follows:

  1. In the northern part of Seal Islands province
  2. In Fuel Storage
  3. North of Sunday Valley & east of Long Sound.

For more info, check out the image below, with credit to u/S1lent007 for snapping it.

Bipod Location | Credit: u/S1lent007

How to Equip the Bipod

The Bipod is classed as an attachment, so you’ll need to hover over the weapon you want to add it to in the loadout menu and select ‘Gunsmith’. You can then attach the Bipod.

Bipod Not Showing On Weapon?

Weirdly, the Bipod is not actually a physical attachment in Breakpoint. It adds stability and range to your weapon (at the cost of time to aim), though will not actually show up when using it. This is a far cry from the bespoke animations featured in most games when deploying Bipods, so it’s odd that Ubi went with this choice in the first place.

So that’s where you’ll find the Bipod in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. For more on the game, why not check out our guide on switching to third-person aiming. Elsewhere there’s our Bivouacs and Preparations Guide.

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