Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Change Your Class

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Change Your Class

You can switch between multiple classes in Breakpoint. Here’s how.

You’ll need to be constantly adapting to survive in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. And while switching weapons and items on the fly isn’t exactly complicated, having preset classes can help speed things up. Once you’ve unlocked your first class, and have some skill points to spare, you can start to run with multiple classes. In this Ghost Recon Breakpoint Class Switching Guide, we’ll detail exactly how to switch classes. We’ll also give some advice on how to set up your various classes, so that you can be ready to face any situation you may come across.

How to Switch Classes

In order to switch classes in Breakpoint, you’ll need at least one spare skill point. Once you have one, unlock the second class of your choosing and then head to a Bivouac. Once there, you’ll see the Tactics option. From here you will be able to switch classes, as well as preset loadouts.

What Classes Are Available?

There are four classes to choose from in Breakpoint, each offering a slightly different tactical advantage. We’ve detailed them below:

Assault Class

  • True Grit – Recoil Reduction and damage resistance. Kills heal and extend duration
  • Gas Grenade – Hand-thrown Area Control Device which damages over time
  • Extra Health, Buffs to shotguns and assault rifles

Panther Class

  • Cloak & Run – Deploy a smoke screen
  • Cloaking Spray – renders user undetectable by drones
  • Bonus Stealth, Faster Movement Speed, Suppressors do not reduce damage on SMG and Handgun

Sharpshooter Class

  • Armor Blaster – High Penetration bullets with bonus damage and velocity.
  • Sensor Launcher – Marks enemies in a large area
  • Longer Breath Control, Bonus with Snipers and DMRs

Field Medic Class

  • Healing Drone – Heals and revives friendly teammates
  • Medkit – Deployable device that heals injuries and adds extra health
  • Faster Revive, Carry bodies faster, Self-revive

Can You Switch Classes From the Main Menu?

Unfortunately, there is no way to switch classes unless you are at a Bivouac. This means you should consider your class choice carefully before heading on a mission.

That's all we have for this particular Ghost Recon Breakpoint Guide. For more help with the game, be sure to check out our guides on Bivouacs, Saving and making use of your Binoculars.

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