Ghost Recon Breakpoint Weapons: Blueprint Locations, Upgrades and Signature Weapons

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Weapons: Blueprint Locations, Upgrades and Signature Weapons

Here's everything you need to know about the weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. From Blueprint Locations to rarities and upgrades, we've got you covered!

The weapons system in Breakpoint can be a little confusing at first. It has more in common with games like The Division 2 than previous Ghost Recon games, with weapon rarity and random drops aplenty. To help you get around the weapons of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, we put together this Breakpoint Weapons Guide. We’ll cover finding new weapons, the different levels of rarities, attachments and upgrading, as well as some of the best weapons we’ve found so far.

What Are the Best Weapons

There are hundreds of weapons to choose from in Breakpoint, though some are significantly better than others. We’ve spent roughly 30 hours with the game so far, and have settled on the following weapons as standouts:

MK48Liberty Region, Auroa ParliamentLMG
M4Restricted Area Number 1, Hidden CoombAssault Rifle
553 Restricted Area Number 1, Blackburn RidgeAssault Rifle
SVD-63 East of Shepherds Wood, Lake Country RegionSniper
UMPFen Bog region at Longford FarmSMG

How to Get New Guns in Breakpoint

Let’s get a couple of things straight. To earn weapon in Breakpoint you can either receive them as random drops, find them in specific locations, or purchase them from the shop. To track them down in the wild, you’ll need the Blueprints, which we’ll cover next.

Tracking Down Weapon Blueprints

Breakpoint features a new Intel system, which helps players track down certain items and areas of interest. While playing, you’ll see small ‘i’ icons on your map. These can represent anything from a laptop to a collection of files. Interact with these points and you’ll be given a list of randomly generated items to choose from. Blue Intel represents weapons and attachments. Selecting Intel on an item will highlight the Blueprint on your map, meaning you can go and collect it. Often, these weapon blueprints are guarded, so take care and prepare accordingly.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Weapon Blueprint Locations

There are hundreds of Guns to find in Breakpoint, and you’ll need the Blueprints if you want to buy them from the shop. Over ar r/GhostReconBreakpoint, user u/wraithexe is compiling a list of the Blueprints that can be found in the game. Be sure to click this link to check out the full list, we’ve included some of it below:

Desert EagleSinking Country Cold War AirfieldPistol
Sharp ThunderSinking Country Cold War AirfieldPistol
P4XLake Country Red Viper Outpost (wolves)Pistol
F40Channels Navy Refueling StationPistol
P320Seal Islands Behemoth Defense SitePistol
Five SevenWild Coast Hybrid Engine FactoryPistol
P228 SurvivalBattle Crate Act 1 Tier 25Pistol
AK 12 Cape North Skell Foundations CampusAssault Rifle
805 BrenSinking Country Camp TigerAssault Rifle
A2Assault Rifle
AugSmugglers Coves Auroa Materials DepotAssault Rifle
TAVORWild Coast Engine R&D CentreAssault Rifle
VHSD2Fen Bog Whetstone FarmAssault Rifle
AK 47Fen Bog Behemoth Defense SiteAssault Rifle
AK 74Good Hope Mountain Auroa Survival ShelterAssault Rifle
SC-20kMount Hodgeson Bald Peak MineAssault Rifle
G36CWhalers Bay Air Chassis FactoryAssault Rifle
M4Restricted Area 01 Behemoth Defense SiteAssault Rifle
Silver Stake TacticalSinking Country Cold War AirfieldAssault Rifle
553Restricted Area 01 Behemoth Defense SiteAssault Rifle
Mk17Windy Islands Garbage DumpAssault Rifle
M4A1Channels Behemoth Defense SiteAssault Rifle
HK416Seal Islands Shark Base Assault Rifle
Hk416 ShortyBattle Crate Act 1 Tier 19 Assault Rifle
AK 74 AssaultBattle Crate Act 1 Tier 35Assault Rifle
M4A1 TacticalBattle Crate Act 1 Tier 47Assault Rifle
G28Restricted Area 01 Training CentreDMR
M14Seal Islands Abandoned Barracks (Wolves)DMR
FRF2Whalers Bay Land Chassis FactoryDMR
G28 Scout (Wolves)Battle Crate Act 1 Tier 3DMR
AK 74 ScoutBattle Crate Act 1 Random Battle SuppliesDMR
SVD-63Lake Country Behemoth Defense SiteDMR
Mk14 Assault BrownStore DMR
CTMMGSinking Country Sentenel Corp Land BaseLMG
6P41Mount Hodgeson Behemoth Defense SiteLMG
MK 48Liberty Aurora ParlimentLMG
T95Lake Country Behemoth Defense SiteLMG
Mk 48 CompactBattle Crate Act 1 Rank 38LMG
Vector Cape North Behemoth Defense SiteSMG
UMPFen Bog Longford FarmSMG
MP7New Argyle Outpost Black Tiger (Wolves)SMG
SN 9mmInfinity Infinity Transportation HubSMG
Scorpion EVO3Windy Islands Auroa Recycling FactorySMG
SASG 12Restricted Area 01 Camp FerretShotgun
M4 AssaultBattle Crate Act 1 Random Battle SuppliesShotgun
KSG12Infinity Skell SecurityShotgun
L115A3Channels Auroa Power PlantSniper
HTIDriftwood Islets Behemoth Defense SiteSniper
Tac 50Smugglers Coves Maunga Nui PortSniper

What to do With Blueprints

Once you’ve tracked down a Blueprint, you’ll need to turn it in. To do so, head back to Erewhon and speak to Maria Schulz. She will take the Blueprint from you. From then on, you can purchase the weapon. The weapon’s level will be relative to your current Gear Score.

Weapon Rarities

Much like many looter shooters that release these days, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has weapons of varying rarities. They are broken up into the following categories:

  • White – Standard
  • Green – Improved (This means it has a perk associated with it)
  • Blue – Rare
  • Purple – Epic
  • Orange – Legendary

Upgrading Weapons Using the Gunsmith

Once you’ve earned a new weapon, you’ve only really started to scratch the surface in terms of its potential. You can actually upgrade a weapon using the Gunsmith menu. To get there, head to your loadout and hover the cursor over the weapon you’d like to upgrade. From here you’ll see the option for the Gunsmith. This is where you can Modify weapons, with upgrades and Paint Jobs. It’s worth noting that upgrading a weapon will mean that those upgrades will stick with it when you find a higher rarity version.

Equipping Attachments in Breakpoint

Finally, let’s take a look at how to equip attachments to your guns in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. To do so, head to the Gunsmith menu. This is selected by heading to the Loadout menu and hovering your cursor over a weapon. From here, you’ll see a list of possible attachments on the right hand side, which you can add to your guns.

Signature Weapons

The very best weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint are called Signature Weapons. Here are all of the ones we've found, alongside some info on how to get them.

  1. Sharp Thunder (Pistol) - Complete Brother vs Brother
  2. Silver Stake Tactical (Assault Rifle) - Complete Brother vs Brother
  3. Zastava M93 Sniper - head to Outpost Blue Tiger (west of Lake Bulkington, kill boss)

That’s all we have so far on the Guns in Breakpoint. If you’ve found a weapon you likem, be sure to let us know in the comments below. For more on the game, be sure to head over to our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Bivouacs and Preparations Guide.

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