Giant Border Break Mech Model Has Parts Bigger Than Your Head

Giant Border Break Mech Model Has Parts Bigger Than Your Head

There's no way your cat will be able to bat this gargantuan model's pieces under your couch.

Border Break is a third-person arcade action game from Sega. It's a big hit in Japan, where it's happily reaped profits for nine years. No surprise: It's a game about giant mechs fighting each other.

It doesn't seem like Sega has any plans to release Border Break on North American shores any time soon, but despair not: We can still marvel at this video of a 1:1 model—the biggest mech model ever created, apparently—of the titular Border Break mech being prepped for assembly.

The model's construction is handled by Kotobukiya, one of Japan's biggest model developers. (Zoids HMM, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girls).

Border Break's 3D-printed plastic bits are still contained on their runners, and on display at Shinjuku Station’s Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Promenade until Sunday July 8. From July 4 through 8, Kotobukiya will cut the parts off their runners in "cutting events." Once all the parts are freed, assembly can begin. After that: World domination.

Border Break's robot-throttling fun will probably never wind up on our shores, but that doesn't mean we're bereft of games about mechs kicking each other in the junk. Our certified mech expert, Kat, can tell you exactly where to start if you're looking to get into Super Robot Wars.

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