Go Inside the Podcast Sausage Factory With This Week's Retronauts

Go Inside the Podcast Sausage Factory With This Week's Retronauts

Mmm, sausage.

Last week, Retronauts gazed long and deep into its own navel, as was completely within our rights as the show hit its 10th anniversary and became, by our own definition, retro.

This week, by way of follow-up, Bob and our pals from the Watch Out for Fireballs podcast keep the inward glances rolling as they talk about the art of creating podcasts. Or is it a science? Perhaps that's not for me to say here, so your best course of action probably is to simply listen to their conversation for yourself:

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Episode description: As part of our post-10th birthday victory lap, friends Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross of Watch Out for Fireballs! (and several other shows) join Bob for a laid-back discussion about the podcasting game, the true meaning of “retro,” and why you should get your butt to Portland next October. Thanks for listening, and we swear we’ll actually be talking about video games next week! (And, presumably, for several hundred weeks to come.)

The episode description doesn't lie, by the way! Next week will be a full-length, 10th anniversary celebration of Nintendo's Virtual Console. Just kidding. We'll talk about Virtual Console, but what is there to celebrate...?

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