God of War Controls Guide

God of War Controls Guide

We explain all the controls and button inputs for God of War (2018), as well as how to change controls.

After redesigning the combat system of the series, God of War has a new control scheme to match. If you need a primer or just a reminder of how to play, we've laid out the God of War controls below.

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All Controls for God of War

God of War has several control systems available, but these are the default controls:

  • Light attack - R1
  • Heavy attack - R2
  • Equip Leviathan Axe - Right on D-pad
  • Equip Blades of Chaos - Left on D-pad
  • Switch to unarmed attack - Right on D-pad while Axe is equipped, or left on D-Pad while Blades are equipped
  • Quick Turn - Down on D-Pad
  • Change Atreus' arrows - Up on D-Pad
  • Aim Leviathan Axe - L2
  • Throw Leviathan Axe - R1 while aiming
  • Call back Leviathan Axe - Triangle
  • Interact - Circle
  • Command Atreus - Square
  • Block - L1
  • Dodge - X
  • Rolling dodge - Double-tap X
  • Sprint - L3
  • Lock-on - R3
  • Spartan Rage - L3 and R3
Evasion is important, and moves like the quick turn can stop you getting ambushed in an instant. | SIE Santa Monica Studio, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Don't worry if you haven't played before, as all of this will be tutorialized in the first area of the game, the Marked Trees, which we've got a walkthrough for here. If you're still having trouble, we can show you how to upgrade the default weapons here.

How to Change Controls

You can change the default control scheme for God of War by going into the Settings in the menu and checking the "Gameplay" section, which will give you several choices on reconfiguring the controls, including a "Classic" control scheme which more closely resembles those of previous God of War games. There are also some options to aid accessibility, such as being able to flip the trigger and shoulder button commands. However, there is no option to completely remap the control scheme, only change certain aspects or swap between preset schemes.

Norse one, mate. If you want more great God of War content, USG's here to provide. Check out Mike's review of God of War (2018) here, or check out how the World Serpent got his signature voice here.

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