God of War Director, Cory Barlog, Reacts Wonderfully to Reviews

God of War Director, Cory Barlog, Reacts Wonderfully to Reviews

Barlog's happy. You're happy. We're all happy! Except Kratos. He's never happy.

One of the least-pleasant things about reviewing games is having to give a mediocre or bad score to a title that clearly has a lot of love poured into it but doesn't "click" for whatever reason. Happily, this isn't the case with God of War, which is currently sitting at a 95 on Metacritic. God of War director Cory Barlog recorded a video of himself peering at the aggregated score for the first time, and his reaction is quite emotional.

Barlog holds off on looking at the score for a few minutes while reminiscing over the five years of work that have gone into the game. His hesitance reminds me a bit of my school years, when I'd refuse to look at my test scores for up to thirty minutes in hopes they'd magically turn into an "A" at some point during the delay. It never worked, by the way. But Barlog doesn't delay for long, and when he finally looks at God of War's Metacritic score, he visibly tears up. Then he thanks everyone who worked alongside him and talks a bit about the love and sacrifice that went into the game.

Every game is delivered with a degree of pain and sacrifice on the part of the developers, so it's honestly great when we can say "This game rules!" at the end of all that work. Speaking of work, Barlog's game is a significant challenge. We're here to help. Check out our tips and guide for God of War, including every Horn of Blood Mead location in God of War and the location of each of God of War's Idunn Apples.

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