God of War's Final Secret Confirmed by Santa Monica Studio

God of War's Final Secret Confirmed by Santa Monica Studio

Fans are divided over whether this is the real final secret.

Santa Monica Studio confirmed God of War's "final secret" and while some fans found it to be a bit of a letdown, at least we can rest knowing that the game's easter eggs have all been dug up.

God of War creative director Cory Barlog led fans on a bit of a chase when back in May he revealed that there was still a final, undiscovered secret in the game. This sent the subreddit r/GodofWarSecrets into a bit of a frenzy. Barlog threw fans a hint when at comic-con he revealed the secret was hiding in Kratos' house.

God of War's runes. Source: Reddit.

Fans finally managed to find four runes inside Kratos' house which spells, gasp, 'Loki'. For those of you who beat the game you'll know that this is referring to Kratos' son Atreus' true identity. If you're a secret hunter who went back to the start of the game, it's a neat little message to find. If you just start the game and happen upon it, then it's a major spoiler.

Santa Monica Studio tweeted to confirm the discovery of the final secret. The studio tweeted a thank you to the God of War secrets subreddit and Discord with the hashtag #FayeKnew, a reference to Santa Monica Studio concept artist Joe Kennedy who revealed that Faye knew the identity of her son and kept it hidden from her husband Kratos.

Some fans don't believe this small easter egg is the "final" final secret and are still hunting. Others have closed the book on God of War secret hunting. Kudos to Santa Monica for getting fans so excited to dig into their world of Norse mythology. For more on God of War, check out our God of War guide for complete walkthroughs and tips.

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