God of War: How to Upgrade the Blades of Chaos

God of War: How to Upgrade the Blades of Chaos

We show you where to find the Chaos Flames needed to upgrade Kratos' signature weapons.

As part of God of War's main campaign you'll unlock the Blades of Chaos, a pair of chained fire weapons returning from the previous games. We'll show you here how to upgrade the Blades of Chaos by finding five Chaos Flames hidden across the game.

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How to Upgrade the Blades of Chaos in God of War

To upgrade the Blades of Chaos in God of War you'll need to find a Chaos Flame, rare items that are used solely to enhance the Blades themselves. Each time you get a Chaos Flame, bring it to Brok or Sindri to have them enhance your Blades with it. This won't cost you any additional resources or Hacksilver, you'll only need one Flame per upgrade.

The Blades of Chaos can do huge fire damage over a wide range. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Chaos Flame Locations

There are four Flames to find across the whole game, three of which can be found as part of the main story, and all of which are rewards from boss fights. We've outlined them all below:

  1. Helheim: The first Flame is found as a reward for defeating the Bridgekeeper boss fight in the Realm of Hel.
  2. Tyr's Temple: When going to Tyr's Temple for the Black Rune, you'll fight two trolls at once, named Grendel of the Frost and Grendel of the Ashes. Once completing the fight, you can take it off their bodies.
  3. Helheim #2: Once returning to Helheim a second time as part of the plot, you'll have a confrontation with an armored enemy called a Traveler. He drops the Chaos Flame upon successfully beating him.
  4. The final Chaos Flame can be found by beating Valkyrie Gondul at the peak of Muspelheim. You fight her as part of Trial 6, and after defeating her you can get the item "Raging Fire of Muspelheim." After completing the campaign you can exchange this item with Brok or Sindri for a Chaos Flame. If you need to know how to beat the Valkyrie, check this guide here.

Each upgrade to your Blades will increase their damage, Kratos' overall level, as well as unlocking new abilities to purchase based around their use.

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