God of War New Game Plus is Out Later This Month

Four months after God of War first came out.

God of War is releasing a New Game Plus mode on August 20, four months after the game first released to critical acclaim and commercial success. God of War's New Game Plus mode will add new upgrade features and the ability to skip cutscenes.

Like other New Game Plus modes, you'll only be able to access God of War's after beating the game at least once. You can then start a new run, but you'll be able to keep all your previously unlocked gear and upgrades and use them to take on tougher enemies. The New Game Plus mode also unlocks a new rarity level and upgrade resource called "Skap Slag."

God of War

Actually, the cutscene skip feature will be available to anyone who finishes the game once, so if you just wanted to go through God of War again anew, but without dealing with hours of cutscenes then you'll get that option as well after the August 20 update.

God of War came out in April 2018 to huge acclaim and sales. God of War is currently the best-selling PlayStation 4-exclusive for 2018. While some of us have just finished God of War three months out, you can check out our God of War guide if you're still in the midst of getting through Sony Santa Monica epic.

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