God of War Photo Mode Shows Kratos can be Happy, Even if His Smile is Horrifying

God of War Photo Mode Shows Kratos can be Happy, Even if His Smile is Horrifying

Never has a man's smile been so physically pained.

God of War is a very pretty game, and a pretty game deserves a photo mode. God of War director Cory Barlog previously stated he wouldn't implement a photo mode until he thought of something "cool," and going by the photo mode preview he showed off last night, something cool is indeed on its way.

Barlog previewed God of War's upcoming photo mode during a livestream celebrating the launch of the game. You can snap vanilla pictures, but there's also a host of features and filters you can fiddle around with. God of War's photo mode (which is coming sometime in a post-launch update) seems impressively robust: You can toggle light levels and apply Instagram-style filters to your shots (Ten bucks to the first person who makes a photo journal of Kratos' Excellent Millennial Journey). You can even take characters out of snapshots. Don't like Atreus? Make him an Orwellian un-person in mere seconds. No memory hole required.

You can also set up actual family portraits by manipulating characters' facial expressions. On one hand, this is a nice option because I doubt Kratos has the necessary patience to schedule and show up for a Wal-Mart portrait session. On the other hand, Kratos' strained smile is something nobody should see, ever.

That seagull is going to go directly home and call its therapist.

Maybe that's a little mean. I shouldn't dump on Kratos' effort to look a bit friendlier, no matter how cringe-inducing that effort is. Anyway, photo mode isn't here just yet; your mission is to focus on getting through this game alive. We can help you with our hints, tips, and guides for God of War, including our guide on finding each of God of War's Idunn Apples and our guide outlining the locations of God of War's Horns of Blood Mead.

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