God of War PS4 Pro Enhancements Revealed

God of War PS4 Pro Enhancements Revealed

God of War will not run native 4K, but it'll still look amazing.

Sony announced a new God of War PS4 Pro bundle, and with it the first details of God of War's 4K capabilities get confirmed, including the fact that God of War won't support native 4K on PS4 Pro.

In a post to the official PlayStation blog, Sony outlined that when played on a 4K TV with HDR, God of War outputs in a dynamic 4K resolution. However, Sony points out that God of War does not support native 4K resolution, utilizing a 2160p checkerboard instead. Sony notes that players using 1080p HDTVs will also benefit thanks to supersampling of higher resolution to the display.

That's not to say God of War won't look good when it runs on the PS4 Pro and latest 4K TVs. Horizon Zero Dawn also uses checkerboard and was widely praised for its 4K graphics. Also consider the games that do run native 4K on the PS4 Pro like FIFA 17, NBA 2K17, and Mantis Burn Racing. So native 4K is not the be all, end all of PS4 games.

As for the limited edition PS4 Pro Bundle, it will launch on April 20—the same day as God of War. The bundle will retail for $399.99 USD and include a God of War-themed PS4 Pro and controller, a copy of the game, and some digital content.

The design on the PS4 Pro is of Kratos' Leviathan Axe, with some ancient runes on the "blade" portion of the design. The gold and gray atop the silver PS4 Pro is a nice touch actually. The controller is a little less adorned, maintaining the silver and gray color scheme, with a few runes here and there. The God of War logo on the touchpad is a bit much to be honest.

God of War is the latest entry into the franchise of the same name, rebooting Kratos from his Greek god origins, and transporting him into Norse mythology. He comes complete with a new son that players will interact with when they're not working together to fight off mythic bad guys with combat not too dissimilar from FIFA.

God of War and the God of War bundles will be out on April 20. Pre-orders for both the game and bundle are live now. You can get our thoughts on the game by heading to our God of War review.

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