God of War Sequels Already Being Planned, Will Stick With Norse Mythology

God of War Sequels Already Being Planned, Will Stick With Norse Mythology

Bundle up, God of War fans. You're going to be up north for a while.

The New God of War takes place in a Scandinavian climate that's a little colder than the lovely Mediterranean climes of Kratos' old stomping grounds, Greece. And according to Sony Santa Monica's Senior Online Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman, Kratos will remain amongst the Nordic gods for at least one more game.

In an interview with tech channel JagatReview published earlier today, Kaufman talked about God of War's new direction, its reasons for utilizing Norse myth (as opposed to Chinese or Indian myth), and what fans can expect from God of War in the future.

"God of War right now is about Kratos, and who he is as a character, and how he's evolving," Kaufman says. "This God of War is 'Chapter 2' of Kratos. We have ideas in our head of where we want to go. We know right now we want to stay in the Norse universe, we want to explore this relationship between a father and a son. We know they have a very specific destination to get to."

"But we also know our fans out there are very savvy and smart," Kaufman continues. "We wouldn't just add Atreus to God of War if he were only a one-off. This is a fundamental big change. This being the beginning of chapter 2 allows Kratos to evolve and allows Atreus to come in as a new [vital] character. Where we go from here, you'll just have to wait and see."

While there's no plans for God of War DLC at the moment, it sounds like the next entry in the mainline series will continue the saga of Kratos and Son. It's a season of change for the warlike patriarch, as even his upcoming title plays differently from what you might expect out of the series. Find out for yourself when God of War comes out on April 20. You can get our thoughts by heading over to our God of War review.

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