God Wars is a New Tactics RPG for the PlayStation 4 and Vita

Rodea the Sky Soldier's Japanese publisher is making a new RPG, and it appears to be launching worldwide.

News by Kat Bailey, .

Lost amid all of the excitement for Fallout 4 and the rest of the year's triple-A releases is word that a new strategy RPG is in development for the PlayStation 4 and Vita by Kadokawa Games, the publisher for Rodea the Sky Soldier in Japan.

Formerly announced as Project Code: Tsukiyomi, God Wars is an anime-style tactics RPG with a heavy focus on Japanese mythology, with the main character being a priestess initially condemned to be sacrificed in Mt. Fuji. As you might expect, she manages to escape, then subsequently journeys the land to find out why her mother ordered her death. The story will purportedly merge the world of Kojiki, Japan's oldest history book, with tales from Japanese folklore.

Siliconera reports that God Wars will be based on a jobs-style system with some 30 classes to choose from. In that light, it might not be a significant step forward for the genre, but it is nice to see more tactics RPGs of this type getting developed for a mainstream console like the PlayStation 4.

What's really interesting is that God Wars is apparently being released worldwide, as shown by the game info via 4gamer. If that's the case, then JRPG fans will have another decent option on current-gen consoles and Vita when it launches next year or (more likely) in 2017.

When and if it does launch in the U.S., NIS America seems like a good bet to be the publisher as they have a pre-existing relationship with Kadokawa Games and this is very much in their wheelhouse. More info will be forthcoming, but you can enjoy this teaser trailer for now.

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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #1 cldmstrsn 3 years ago
    welp this is a day one for me. I really like the art style.
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  • Avatar for seejamsrun #2 seejamsrun 3 years ago
    I'm so in. Just looking at that screen has given me the itch to play another tactics game in this mold.
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  • Avatar for Damman #3 Damman 3 years ago
    Cool! I could use something turn-based on console.

    "Blame yourself or God Wars."
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  • Avatar for themblan #4 themblan 3 years ago
    Whoa. Looks nice.
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  • Avatar for koyota #5 koyota 3 years ago
    Why did you choose to single out a horrible game - Rodea the Sky - in this article? Kadokawa is the publisher of 100's of other games including legend of heroes series / dangaropa etc....

    Edit: brain fart as pointed out...Edited November 2015 by koyota
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  • Avatar for mr-faramir #6 mr-faramir 3 years ago
    @koyota I'm trying to find this "legend of the sky game" you're refering to and its not exist (probably "legend of heroes : trail in ths sky" but that was developed by Falcom and published by XSEED/Ghostlight) or I'm not searching it good enough...

    about Danganronpa, it was developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by NIS...

    this God Wars game might be good though. but I'm not a big fan of past Kadokawa published games (Lunar, Natural Doctrine) but Demon gaze was very good, might be because its developed by Experience inc. I'll keep an eye on this game just in case it turns out to be a good strategy rpg! loved the theme and its visual already.Edited November 2015 by mr-faramir
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