Win One of 250 games from GOG in our Big, Fun Giveaway

Win One of 250 games from GOG in our Big, Fun Giveaway

The Witcher 3 Game of the Year, and more.

Not satisfied with just putting on a giant summer sale and being nice enough to ask us for our own choices for games that we like, GOG's gone and upped the ante once more.

The good folks over at GOG have gone and given us a whopping 250 codes to give away to you lovely readers just for being nice enough to be USgamer readers. Isn't that nice.

Amongst the range of games on offer are ten whole copies of The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition that, well, ten of you will be lucky enough to get your virtual hands on. All the other games are taken from the Summer sale range.

In order to enter, follow the instructions on the widget below. That's it. With 250 titles on offer, the odds are fairly good that you'll get something out of it, at the very least, so why not, right?

SummerGaming – USGamer

Don't forget to check out GOG's Summer Sale while it's still live - which means, check it out before the end of Sunday, 17th June.

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