Gone Home Console Edition: How to Unlock All Secret Achievements

Gone Home Console Edition: How to Unlock All Secret Achievements

Unlock the secrets of this old house.

In the Gone Home: Console Edition, players must sift through mysterious notes and secret passages to unveil the heartfelt narrative tucked away in the walls of an old house. However, the secrets don’t end when the story is finished. This guide will show you how to earn five secret achievements and trophies upon completing the main narrative.

This guide will cover four secret achievements, as well as an Easter Egg from the PC version of Gone Home that has since been converted into its own achievement. The achievements/trophies are as follows: Nesting Instinct, This Old House, Intuitive, Wet Bandit, and Meow Meow Meow.

Nesting Instinct

The game starts you out on the front porch, which is also where this secret achievement begins. However, this achievement is likely meant to be done during a second playthrough, as it requires you to know how to unlock the attic already. While facing the front door, search the cabinet on the left. Here you’ll find a Christmas Duck on the shelf sitting on top of the Front Door Key.

Pick up the Christmas Duck, and carry it upstairs to the attic. To reach the attic, go up the main staircase and head right, left, then left again to the glowing red lights. Climb up the ladder to the attic, then turn around to find the Christmas Duck’s basket. Place the Christmas Duck in its nest to unlock the Nesting Instinct achievement.

This Old House

This achievement requires you to unlock the bookshelf path from the outside. To begin, enter the guest room located on the second floor, just down the hall from the attic. If you find a room full of packed boxes and an unmade bed, you’re in the right place.

Enter the guest room, and open the side closet. Turn on the light inside the closet, and locate a small button along the upper right corner of the closet ceiling. Press the button to cause the bookshelf passage to open from the guest room side, granting you the “This Old House” achievement/trophy.


This achievement is particularly meant for players who have already finished their first playthrough of the game. To earn the Intuitive achievement/trophy, you must unlock Oscar’s safe using the correct lock code combination before discovering the code in a journal or note.

If you have already played through the game, you may remember that the combination code is “1963.” Head down to the basement, and go left at the furnace. Turn right, and pass through the Servant’s Quarters into the hall where the safe is located. Input the code “1963” to unlock the safe, as well as the Intuitive achievement/trophy.

Wet Bandit

If you guessed by the title that this secret achievement is a reference to Home Alone, you’re correct! The two main thieves in Home Alone were aptly referred to as the ‘Wet Bandits’ for leaving faucets turned on in the wake of their house robberies. This movie knowledge is a pretty clear indicator of what you’ll need to do for this achievement.

To complete the Wet Bandit achievement, you must locate and turn on every faucet in the house. There are eight faucets total, and their locations are as follows:

  • Faucet #1 - From the Front Door, turn left into the first floor half-bathroom.
  • Faucet #2 - From the large staircase on the First Floor, enter the door on the right. Continue through the curved hallway until you reach a half-bathroom at the far end of the hall. Turn on the sink faucet.
  • Faucet #3 - From the hall bathroom in #2, walk directly across the hall and enter the Laundry Room. Turn on the faucet in the large sink on the left, across from the washer.
  • Faucets #4, 5, 6 - Go up the main staircase and turn right. Enter Mom and Dad’s room through the first door on the left. Walk straight into the bathroom door ahead. Turn on both of the bathroom sinks, as well as the bathtub faucet.
  • Faucets #7, 8 - Enter the bathroom across the hall from Sam’s room. This bathroom is straight down the hall from Mom and Dad’s bedroom door. Turn on the sink on the left, as well as the bathtub on the right.

Meow, Meow, Meow

This secret achievement was previously a hidden Easter Egg in the original PC version of Gone Home. Unlocking Mitten’s Secret Diary is as easy as shooting some hoops in Sam’s bedroom.

Start by passing through the kitchen and heading into the garage. There is a blue recycling bin just ahead of the doorway along the far wall. Grab one of the empty soda cans or the milk carton from the recycling bin, and look up toward the rafters in the ceiling. While standing at the doorway, look for a small purple ball sitting on top one of the rafters. Throw the can at the ball to knock it down, then pick the ball up where it falls.

Take the purple basketball up to Sam’s bedroom. Upon entering Sam’s room, drop the ball and close the bedroom door to find the basketball hoop on the backside of the door. Pick up the basketball, and toss it into the hoop. This will reveal a cat-tastic display on the nearby TV, as well as unlock Mitten’s Secret Diary for this hidden achievement.

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