Goodbye Productivity! Candy Box 2 is Here

Goodbye Productivity! Candy Box 2 is Here

Who said candy is bad for you? The people in Candy Box 2 disagree.

Buggerit. I shouldn't have thrown so much candy on the ground.

Candy Box 2 is aniwey's sequel to the illustrious Candy Box, an incremental game that operates on candy and curiosity. Like its predecessor, it's browser-based and free-to-play, a slow burner composed of ASCII art and a disarming amount of cleverness.

Oh! 200 candies. Time to eat. It. All.

In the beginning, your interaction with Candy Box 2 is limited to two iconic options: eat all the candies or throw 10 of them onto the ground. That's all. When you start, neither will provide any significant feedback. Numbers go up. But little else changes. As you progress, however, things escalate. A little ASCII faces shows up. Then, more options. Before you know it, Candy Box 2 has begun to swell, widening to encompass a whole range of things that I can't talk to you about because it would totally spoil the game.

Oooh. Caaaaandy. [insert Homer noises]

There's something delicious about Candy Box 2 and it has very little to do with the local currency. Eschewing weighty social commentary or violence in favor of something almost innocently child-like, Candy Box 2 is bewilderingly immersive (So many things to discover!) and also forgiving of your other pursuits. You don't have to pay attention to it until you want to. In your absence, Candy Box 2 will simply accumulate more saccharine treats.


Having never finished the original, I can't tell you if Candy Box 2 fully outshines its ancestor. But, it's lovely and you should play it because it's fun to lose an entire day's worth of productivity.

.. right?

Now, go sell your soul to Candy Box 2.

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