Google Hypes the "Future of Gaming" With a Video Full of Tunnels

The future is dank.

Think the video game industry is already complicated and oversaturated? Hang on to your butts: Google's getting ready to enter the fray. A new video teasing "Google's vision for the future of gaming" went up today, and it promises that all shall be revealed at GDC 2019.

The video, which is about 37 seconds long, leaves quite a bit to the imagination. It shows us footage of several tunnels across a multitude of environments: Castles, spaceships, garages, and caves to name a few. We're sure it means something. We just don't know what. Our minds are too small to comprehend it.

We've known for a while now that Google's been sniffing around for the opportunity to enter the video game market—not just with a game streaming service, but with actual hardware, too. Google already tried its hand at some game streaming last year by beaming Assassin's Creed Odyssey through a Chrome extension. The test went very well, though it's impossible to say if people without access to fiber internet connections (that is to say, much of rural North America) can even entertain the idea of streaming games. OnLive came and went, though the gaming landscape of 2013 is quite different compared to the gaming landscape of 2019.

One thing's for sure: USG will be at GDC 2019, and we intend to tell you all about what Google has up its sleeve at the show. You can tune into the Google keynote yourself, too. It's on March 19 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET. The feed's in place already, but don't feel obligated to sit and grow roots until showtime.

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