Take-Two CEO Says Google Stadia Overpromised On What It Could Deliver

Take-Two CEO Says Google Stadia Overpromised On What It Could Deliver

The publisher is still supporting the platform for now, though.

Google's cloud gaming platform had a rough launch, and it's been working to build up since then. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick commented on the launch at a recent event, calling it "slow" and saying it may have set expectations a little high.

Speaking at Bernstein Annual Strategic Decisions Conference (via Gamespot), Zelnick discussed games streaming technology. While Take-Two has been supportive of streaming, Zelnick also shared his thoughts on how Stadia's launch went.

"The launch of Stadia has been slow," said Zelnick. "I think there was some overpromising on what the technology could deliver and some consumer disappointment as a result."

The CEO says Take-Two supported the technology with three titles initially and will continue to do so as long as it makes business sense. But he also commented on the belief of what streaming would do, and how it would affect those who play.

"The belief that streaming was going to be transformative was based on a view that there were loads of people who really had an interest in interactive entertainment, really wanted to pay for it, but just didn't want to have a console," Zelnick said. "I'm not sure that turned out to be the case."

While its launch was initially troubled, Google has been working to bolster its streaming offerings. Earlier this year it acknowledged complaints about the service, and has been adding more games over time to its cloud and Stadia Pro offering. With a new generation of consoles looming, Stadia will be in a strange spot. It's not clear where cloud gaming fits into that landscape, and it'll be up to Google to show just how it can.

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