Gotta Catalog 'Em All: New Pokemon App Lets You Scan in Your Pokemon Cards

Any hope your Pokemon cards once had of staging an escape and running away from you is about to be thwarted.

A new Pokemon app was soft-launched in Sweden today, and it's a collector's dream come true. The Pokemon TCG Card Dex lets you scan, browse, and track Pokemon cards in your collection. It's available on iOS and Android.

The app, which is free to download, is compatible with cards released since the Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Series. You can use your smart device's camera to scan cards in your own collection, then look up cards you're missing. That's cool, but here's something cooler: Your scanned cards appear in the language you select for your app (either English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Portuguese).

The official Pokemon site promises a worldwide launch is "coming soon" for Pokemon TCG Card Dex. Meantime, Joe from the long-lived Pokemon fansite Serebii has a brief walkthrough of the app.

The Pokemon card game has been a major part of the franchise's identity since the very beginning. Anyone who collects and plays with Pokemon cards should get a ton of use out of this app. Though it only covers the Sun & Moon Series for now, it's probably safe to assume more series will be added over time. If you somehow own the hyper-rare Pikachu Illustrator card, scanning and uploading it should prove to be one hell of a weird flex.

Imagine going back to 1998 and showing your snot-nosed younger self this modern-day mobile magic. They'd probably drop their Capri Sun in amazement—though they might be too busy extracting the metal blade from their slap bracelet to pay attention to the boastful Pokemon time traveler in front of them. Or were my friends and I the only ones who pulled out those blades and staged lunchroom knife fights?

If you're playing Pokemon GO and want some help, we've got plenty of Pokemon Go Guides. Check out that hub or head straight to our individual guide pages.

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