Gran Turismo 6: Get Ready to Pay $150 For a Digital Ferrari

Gran Turismo 6: Get Ready to Pay $150 For a Digital Ferrari

A PlayStation Store update shines light on the price of GT6's microtransactions.

Gran Turismo 6 is coming to the United States this Friday, but we've already seen the future of simulation racing with Forza Motorsport 5. That future involves spending $60 for the game and then grinding or buying virtual currency to unlock the best cars.

For Gran Turismo 6, that virtual currency is in the form of Credits, which come in denominations of 500K, 1 million, 2.5 million, and 7 million. With today's PlayStation Store update in Europe, we now know how much GT6's Credits will cost. Here's the numbers:

  • 500,000 In-Game Credits (£3.99/€4.99)
  • 1 Million In-Game Credits (£7.99/€9.99)
  • 2,500,000 In-Game Credits (£15.99/€19.99)
  • 7 Million In-Game Credits (£39.99/€49.99)

Oddly enough, the US PlayStation Store update does not seem to include pricing for GT6 Credits. We can't do a straight currency conversion to get US prices, but it's likely that our Credit prices will be in the same range as the Euro (€) prices: $5, $10, $20, and $50 respectively.

Sony has released a handy video showing the full Gran Turismo 6 car lineup with prices. Here's just a couple of big-ticket cars, the Credits needed to purchase them, and the estimated price of the car in dollars assuming you purchased specific denominations just to reach the Credit price:

  • Alfa Romeo GIULIA TZ2 carrozzata da ZAGATO CN.AR750106 '65 - 10 million ($75)
  • Audi R8 LMS '09 - 5.25 million ($45)
  • GT by Citroen Race Car - 5.6 million ($50)
  • Ferrari 250 GTO CN.3729GT '62 - 20 million ($150)
  • Ferrari 330 P4 '67 - 20 million ($150)
  • Jaguar XJ13 Chrome Line/'66 - 20 million ($150)
  • Lamborghini Miura P400 Bertone Prototype CN.0706 '67 - 15 million ($110)
  • Mercedes-Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 '89 - 5.35 million ($45)
  • Red Bull X2010 Prototype/X2011 Prototype - 20 million ($150)
  • Chaparral 2J '70 - 15 million ($110)

Unlike Forza 5's 200+ car launch roster, Gran Turismo 6 has a ton of cars. In fact, it's over 1,200 cars in total, including 147 different Nissans, 108 different Hondas, and a Delorean. Eurogamer says that GT6's economy works like GT5's economy, so unlocking all of these cars the old way might not be a problem, but if you want to buy them, it'll cost you.

If you haven't already pre-ordered Gran Turismo 6, Amazon is offering 1 million Credits and a Car Pack including the Tesla Model S Signature Performance '12, the Corvette Stingray C7 '14, the Audi R8 LMS ultra 15th Anniversary Editon, the SRT Viper GTS 15th Anniversary Editon, and the Nissan GT-R Nismo N24 Schulze Motosport '13. GameStop isn't offering any credits, but it is offering 25 unique Anniversary Edition cars with its pre-order.

We'll update our story when Sony releases official pricing for the GT6 Credits in North America.

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