Grand Theft Auto 5 Will Be Free on Epic Games Store Starting Today

Grand Theft Auto 5 Will Be Free on Epic Games Store Starting Today

But good luck getting it.

The Epic Games Store has been doing weekly free game giveaways for some time, but a blockbuster hits the service today. According to since-deleted tweets, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be free on the PC storefront starting today, up until May 21.

The video, which has sinced been deleted but archived by various Twitter accounts like Wario64, shows that the open-world crime sandbox will be free until May 21 for PC players through Epic's platform.

Though we're still waiting on official confirmation, the Epic store is reportedly experiencing high traffic, leading to slow times, 500 errors, and launcher crashing. Epic says it is working to scale and will provide an update as soon as it can. It turns out that handing away free copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to get a lot people flocking to your store.

Even years after the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5, the game has remained a staple for many, due in part to the long-running Grand Theft Auto Online. The multiplayer sandbox has evolved from simple open-world crime to elaborate heists and, recently, intergalactic gang warfare.

Rockstar joined in on the alien gang fun too, by recently making the martian bodysuits that serve as each side's colors free for a while. Years later and GTA can still get even stranger, given enough people playing it together online. With so much time and a relative lull in games leading into the summer, it's looking like a good time to get back into Grand Theft Auto.

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