Grand Theft Auto V Modding Tool, OpenIV, is Back Online After Legal Threat From Take-Two

Grand Theft Auto V Modding Tool, OpenIV, is Back Online After Legal Threat From Take-Two

OpenIV is gearing up for a comeback.

Grand Theft Auto V became the epicenter of a pretty contentious legal drama between Rocktar's parent company, Take-Two, and video game modders.The Grand Theft Auto V publisher opted to issue a cease and desist letter to OpenIV, a popular modding tool, over saftey concerns. While the legal threat from Take-Two shuttered the mod tool, OpenIV appears to be back after reopening a download for the software.

Take-Two issued a cease and desist order to the OpenIV around early June, as revealed by OpenIV's creator, Good-NTS. However, an update for the software was published on June 23, the same day Rockstar issued a statement that suggested Take-Two would not pursue legal action against third-party projects on PC. Just as long as those projects don't interfere with Take-Two's IP, and are limited to single-player and remain non-commercial.


However, the download for OpenIV was still down despite the update going live, forcing some players download the tool from other websites. Now that download appears to be up on the official OpenIV website, with the team telling Kotaku that "the development of OpenIV will be continued soon."

The debate centered around backdoors that allowed OpenIV to interfere with online play in Grand Theft Auto V. As one of Rockstar's most successful online endeavors, GTA V Online is a valuable property for the company, and something the publishers wouldn't want tampered with via mods like OpenIV. Hence the seemingly clearly worded statements about OpenIV's continued use being relegated to single-player.

The backlash to the original cease and desist was strong, with Steam players flooding the GTA V game page with negative reviews, which affected the overall rating of the game.

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